Posted by: nestaquin | March 17, 2008

England Square Series

It’s not often that England are able to win a Test outside of the UK. As a result, today’s article will be interrupting the continuing 2007/08 wrap to briefly appreciate the MCC’s rare away victory in Aeteoroa.

The winning margin of 126 runs was a fair indication of the difference between the two combatants. In light of the previous Test result it was a stirring win. Fine performances by rookie wicketkeeper Ambrose, the ever-consistent Paul Collingwood and opening bowlers Sidebottom and Anderson sealed the win, however there are still problems that need to be addressed before England will be able to match it with the better nations of world cricket.

Despite the welcome result, England’s middle order is as shaky as Ricky Ponting’s knees when facing Harbhajan Singh. Ian Bell’s uncanny ability to be dismissed when set and Kevin Pietersen’s lack of meaningful runs leaves England vulnerable in every innings and if it wasn’t for the dependable Collingwood and his ability to bat with and give confidence to the tail, this match could have easily ended in a predictable defeat.

Test matches are mostly won by the bowlers and in this match England’s opening pair, Sidebottom and Anderson, gave intelligent wholehearted performances with the new ball that confirms their burgeoning status as the best combination for the years ahead.

Summing up, England supporters should be proud of their team’s success. Selecting young players without baggage is beginning to pay dividends and hopefully the selectors have the courage and foresight to continue this trend. The tough, skillful and combative Proteas arrive at Heathrow in July. That is the series that will indicate if England’s Test players are on the right track to avenge the humiliating Australian summer of 2006/07.



  1. Too many batsmen are getting out to nothing balls.

    But it’s good to see credit being given as England would have been slaughtered if they had gone two down and lost the series.

    The cricket isn’t great, but it’s competitive and that makes for good viewing.

    I’ll stick my neck out and say that the last test will be won by the better batting side. Bowlers do usually win matches, but they don’t often have so many wickets donated to them.

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