Posted by: nestaquin | March 30, 2008

The Master of Mental Disintegration

Not satisfied with breaking eight world records at the Australian Swimming Trials for the Beijing Olympics, the Australian Olympic Committee have appointed Steve Waugh as athletes liason officer for the 42 strong swimming team.

Steve, the master of mental disintegration, spoke to the team in the hours after the trials ended last evening and his words obviously had an instant effect.

Mens 200 metre butterfly champ Nick D’arcy was so fired up he was arrested and thrown in the lock-up for assaulting former Commonwealth gold medalist Simon Cowley after a scuffle at Sydney’s Rocks.

Cowley was treated at St. Vincents Hospital for a broken nose and it is likely that D’Arcy may be booted off the squad. That would be mightily unfair on the lad but Swimming Australia are not known for their compassion to transgressors of their often strict code.

The swimming team nicknamed The Dolphins have always had a squeaky clean image and it would seem that Steve has already put a bit of mongrel in them. Expect some fierce and steely stares on the blocks in Beijing and the odd Cantonese sledge or two.

In other cricket news, the first Test between India and South Africa ended in a tame draw with South Africa taking the momentum into the next Test. This test will be remembered for batting records being broken but not for much else. Hopefully, the pitch in Ahmedabad will have a bit more in it for the bowlers but in light of recent history that may be too much to ask.

The Sardar Patel Stadium was described by Scyld Berry in 2006 as “without doubt the most unpopular venue on the whole international cricket circuit. The stadium has been run down for years, the state of Gujarat is ‘dry’, the city is as polluted as they come, the river Sabarmati that runs beside the ground is an open drain and the pitch aids neither bowlers or strokeplayers”.

Usually I’d prefer to be at the ground than watching the action on telly but in this case I think it is fair to say that the reverse is true.



  1. I attended a fund raiser by the Sydney City council this week, Nesta, and Mr. Waugh was the magnet. Magnet is right, everyone else was an iron filing, he looks like he has spent his entire life in a spa, so spiffy and smooth , svelte and groomed to a faretheewell. The eyes of steel. I’d march across the Simpson in my bare feet for him carrying the camel, he can command from 50 meters without raising a sweat. Just a glance does it.

    I am still in breathless inanity, he is a GOD. ( bit of Bruce Macaveny there, sorry )

  2. I wouldn’t fancy fronting up to Steve Waugh with a failed dope test!

    Surely it’s the tennis players need SRW more?

  3. vfdAcGgb4ALOA

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