Posted by: nestaquin | April 25, 2008

Man of Mystery

In appreciation of the marvellous and unpredictable genius that is Shane Keith Warne 99.94 presents Australia’s favourite bard Paul Kelly’s whimsical tune in honour of Melbourne’s most famous son.


  1. Warnie, Warnie.. you big blonde bundle of rat-like cunning… all along the street here the ghostly chant of Waaaaarrrrrneeeeeee could be heard at the most godawful hour. Do we care who he’s playing for??? not a bit of it, the sheer stupendous brilliance of the man over-rides it. We know in our hearts he’s ours and any arena is graced by his presence, Lord have mercy, he’s the take-charge man of cricket.

    Such a great lump of guile and dodginess, too, that little grin, the sudden scream, the tiny shuffle before lining up, and then the coolest cricketer of all under pressure with the bat, gimlet eyes checking all the rat-holes to be exploited.

    What a feast of good cricket this IPL is, feasts of Roy, feasts of Hayden, the sheer resilience of the young Indian bowlers, their pride and passion, the sweet genius of Murali and Vaas, the exuberance of Styris, the dear face of Oram, so much more, and it’s a eye-watering stuff to see a whole lot of Indians raise Warne up and carry him off on their shoulders, no small task indeed. It took the entire 10 of them to do it. But then they ran with him up there! He had lifted them to perform beyond their expectations, a captains onus.

    Even sweeter to see Roy being hugged and adored in India!!!.. The preposterous cameo of Warne bowling to Symonds was so charged with subtle skill at either end of the pitch, it suspended everything but fascination.

    Well.. I’m loving every moment of it, you might have gathered by now, and playing cricket with the enemy may just be more rivetting than playing against the buggers..

  2. Nest – What a jolly track!! Thanks

  3. ….. Melbourne’s favourite son? You mean, it’s not me …… can we at least take a vote …. after all, Warnie side-swiped a tram just the other day!!

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