Posted by: nestaquin | August 8, 2008

A Father Is Born

It is said that when a child is born, a father is born too. Something that most Dads recognise when they first hold their tiny newborn in their arms. It’s a special feeling that cannot be bought or traded, learned or stolen. It is euphoria and dread and it is a wonderful sensation.

It is an instant knowing that can only be experienced. A mammalian amalgam of joy, pride and responsibility and like all forms of love, heartfelt and given, never taken.

The birth of your first child is an obvious catalyst for change and growth; in character, focus and enthusiasm. Obviously, not all men cope well with the change in lifestyle and responsibility but many, many more excel not only as a parent and husband but also in their chosen career.

While Ricky Ponting’s first child, Emmy Charlotte, was a distraction during her gestation it is hoped, and expected, that Punter will recapture his form especially with important Test series against India, South Africa and England looming.

Since little Emmy’s fertilisation nine months ago, Ricky has had a lean trot and while he has averaged a credible 48 runs per innings during that time, it is still ten runs less than his career average.

Travelling the continent and the globe while the woman you adore is carrying and miraculously creating your child would affect even the most dispassionate male, and this next 12 months will prove if the Australian captain’s batting is truly on the slide or if, as many in Australia believe, that his recent lack of consistency is a result of not being understandably 100 percent focussed on his job as Australian cricket’s spiritual and tactical leader.

Australia’s previous captain, Steve Waugh, also had a rough period when expecting his first child but once delivered, Steve dedicated himself to becoming the best he could possibly be. A fact he attributes to becoming a Dad for the first time. I expect that a man with Punter’s character will respond likewise.

All of us at 99.94 sincerely hope that that is the case and we wish the Pontings all the best as they begin life as a family. Additionally, we’d also like to express our gratitude to the extended Ponting clan for the photograph of the blissful skipper and his beautiful girls.



  1. Congrats to Punter and family from The Old Dart. The picture makes quite a contrast to those of his younger days, but that’s a journey many men travel too – me for sure!

    It’s interesting to see the batting giants of the last couple of years (Punter and Kallis) both going through relatively lean times. I suspect these are temporary dips, rather than technical flaws and both are surrounded by fine batsmen so it often doesn’t matter much.

    Most Test runs after 35 would be an interesting table. Gooch would lead by miles, but after that, who? Hayden and Lara I suppose.

    Now if Brett Lee were to suffer a dip in 2009…

  2. Just a gorgeous pic, nesta… Good on ya, Ricky, and Rhianna, nobody minded carrying you , AU has carried it’s captains before, and we’ll do it again, no worries, because the AU cricket team can.

  3. Congrats Ricky….may god bless you all

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