Posted by: nestaquin | October 26, 2008

Azharuddin: In Moving Pictures

Following Kumar Pundita’s retrospective piece yesterday on Mohammad Azhuruddin, it would be fitting to remember the man for his batting instead of his misdemeanours.  Remarkably, isolated footage of the former Indian captain is rare but we were able to find an extended video of an attacking fighting century against the Black Caps from December 1998 and an over against a bowler he relished, Lance Kluesner.

Research is a rewarding experience and it was discovered that Azharuddin abandoned his arranged marriage for love and that he played at Lords in 2007 and in Florida in 2008. He still has high hopes of returning to respectability and is currently involved in an unofficial program, sponsored by Sir Allen Stanford, to introduce American children to the fickle and sticky excitement of T20 cricket.

Here he is in action with his team in trouble against New Zealand at Wellington, a match where a goateed Bruce Doull destroyed the visitors in the first innings taking the first seven wickets to fall.

Kumar mentioned in the comments of the previous post that he had fond memories of Azharuddin spanking Lance Kluesner through a packed off side with precision. In the clip below from 1996, coincidentally from another match where India were in trouble, Azhar sends a packed Eden Gardens delirious by counterattacking and smashing  the burly South African for five consecutive leg side boundaries.

Mohammad Azharuddin captained India when Test cricket was far more competitive than it is at present. New Zealand, South Africa, West Indies, Pakistan and Australia were all strong and competitive causing India to defend for long periods in many many matches. Much like Australian living legends Allan Border and Steve Waugh, Azharuddin performed his finest deeds when his team needed him most.

His contact with bookies is without doubt and he may have had a hand in some curious results in the one day game but from what can be ascertained he played Test cricket with dignity, honour and determination all the while exhibiting his natural flair, aggression and panache.

Tomorrow: Antigua or Dhaka, whichever is the more interesting.



  1. Thanks for this Nesta – the Kiwis certainly fed that square cut, but Klusener just ran into a thunderstorm!

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