Posted by: nestaquin | November 20, 2008

Excuses, Invitations and Confessions

kiwiApologies to all for my lack of industry towards 99.94. Currently, I am frantically preparing for a book launch on December 1 and it is conceivable that I may not personally post until then. Obviously, Rajesh Kanaan and The Tooting Trumpet will be adding to their sterling work on the India-England Series and if I have the energy I may add the occasional late night post concerning the Trans Tasman Trophy.

If any of our readers would like to fill the void in the next week or so, you are most welcome to contribute just send any formed or unformed ideas to 99.94 just as Dement Horizon has done. His rambling missive on batting genius will be published in the days ahead and it is sure to get tongues wagging and keyboards tapping.

In recent cricket happenings, Tim Southee ripped through Australia’s top order before lunch on a Brisbane greentop and the First Test looks to be in good shape for an intriguing battle. Australia have once again only chosen three specialist bowlers and it will be interesting to see if they have the firepower to knock over the Kiwis twice when bowling conditions are favourable.

Best of luck to all our readers and I’ll endeavour to finish my work on the book before deadline so I can return to cricket writing as soon as I am able.


  1. so what is the book your launching, is it yours?

  2. Good luck with the book launch :)

  3. Best of luck for the book launch, Nesta !

    Curious to know what the book is about (hopefully Cricket?) and whether it will be available on Amazon.

    Australia have not only lost wickets..their run rate has also not improved from the India tour.

    Lets see if Roy fires now.

  4. Symonds just hit 3 fours in a row which was something we were missing in India down the order.

  5. @pete – doesn’t look like those 3 fours are going to solve anything. australia’s indian hangover is still going. except a loss to nz will be a tad embarrassing.

  6. Good luck with the book Nesta.

    I’ll be back soon with a report on England at the half-way mark of their series in India.

  7. Sunny, NZ(Sorry Dan and 10 others) will out-do Oz in the innings-collapse stakes tomorrow. Generally, NZ do outstandingly in the 1st innings of a game, fight well in the second, collapse in the third, surrender in the fourth(if they survive the third). This has happened many times before – most recently against England so dont be surprised if Ponting smiles for the first time in a few months on Nov 23rd or 24th.

  8. Besides, Ponting cannot continue to fail in Oz conditions. A century in the second innings of the Australia’s first test in 2008 against NZ for Punter – want to bet against it? I surely dont!

  9. Good luck for the book launch Nesta.

    I must admit I am more interested in the Aus-Nz series than the Ind-Eng ODIs. Incidentally, how many think that 7 ODI is serious overkill. I am all for limiting ODIs to 5.

    Like the rest of the world I am wondering if the Aus showing is a temporary blip or the beginning of a decline. Interesting times ahead. For the first time in a looooong while I am not rooting for Aus (I only do that when they are playing India).

    I will get behind them when they play SA and Eng. :)

  10. Well, I am not rooting for NZ, because I dont want NZ, of all people, to be the first ones to beat Oz in Oz in a long time. Who did that last? Must be West Indies.

    That would be a travesty because NZ, for all its pugnacious spirit, would only win against a crap Oz team. Hope this Oz team is not that Oz team. Because the Indian teams of 2003 and 2008 are the ones who ran Oz closest in 16 years so the most appropriate thing would be for India to be the first team to beat Oz in a long time.

  11. Raj – I hold hopes for a series draw. That would be as good as a win for NZ I guess.

    I am not sure why you say it be a travesty if NZ won? Should the underdog never beat the top dog? Isn’t that why we watch sport?

    India did run them close. That does not mean they should be the first to beat them at home does it? (would be nice though)

    On a realted note. The clamour of “There is a hole in the bucket, dear Aussie, dear Aussie” just got a tad louder. I wait with bated breath to see the Aus. team reaction.

  12. This Aus performance reminded me of their showing against India in Perth last summer. They didn’t seem able or willing to deal with the moving ball. The Kiwis bowled exceptionally well but a bit of judicious leaving of the ball would have helped.

  13. Modi’s magalomania and the NZ board’s impotence deprived fans of Shane Bond.

    I wonder what would have happened if Bond was in the lineup for this game. Would NZ have shot out Aus for under 150?

  14. whatever…

    I am not rooting for either Aus or NZ..just want good, hard fought test cricket. And that’s what seems to be happening at the Gabba.

    According to me, Australia is still the best team in the world on paper.

  15. dement horizon, of course, me being an Indian has a huge say in my statement that India should be the first to beat Oz…:-)
    A series draw for NZ would be nice but unlikely – this is not an international team – this is Dan-Vettori-Plus-Ten-Others – even though the seamers have done well so far. I think NZ is collapsing as expected. They will have to bat fourth – do the math. Once Oz wins a match now, they will be dangerous. If Ponting gets even a 50(I predict he will get a 100) in the 2nd Innings, NZ are in for a bloody carnage in the next match- Ricky will celebrate return to form with a huge 200 or 150 – or 100, you get my point.

  16. Thanks for the support guys, most appreciated.

    The book is a non-fiction travelogue of Tasmanian beaches and it should be in the shops including Amazon by Xmas. Stay tuned for more info.

    On cricket matters, the Test match in Brisbane has been a great match played in good spirit and it is fantastic to see the batsman being tested by some good bowling on a responsive pitch.

    The pitch is doing a bit but it is not unplayable. It is true in bounce and carry and it has shown that many modern batsman do not have the technique to counter clever seam bowling on a decent pitch.

    Also enjoyed the notion of using the lights and playing through the gloom even with light rain falling.

    Could be all over by the end of Day Three but I suspect we will see a result, in Australia’s favour, sometime on Day Four.

  17. If a similar pitch in India is prepared, but favouring spinners rather than Seamers, will we not call it “diabolic”, nesta? Dont tell me you havent done that before. Can we blame the inability of batsmen from certain countries to play even half-decent spin for that? Murali Kartik who hasnt done much of note in itnl cricket was a terror for them -but that one was explained as a diabolic pitch.
    But this one ofcourse, is in Brisbane so it is obvious that it cant be diabolic right?

  18. Praise the lord, we have have swing.

    The ball moved and batsmen were made to look fools.

    I love it.

    Im a keen follower of the tras tasman series so its going to be very interesting to see how day 3 pans out. We might even have a result.

    Its been brilliant cricket so far.

    Horizon> I too feel 7 ODIs is Overkill personified. They could have easily made this is a 3 ODI series and added an extra test match! Ridiculous.

    Ps- Nesta, your book sounds interesting. Can we get a title or something ?

  19. @raj – you hit the nail on the head brother…apparently a spinning wicket is always “doctored” but green tops are normal.

  20. Sunny, but the point is when you argue with logic and facts on your side, these guys just shut your mouth and hope you go away. When Harbhajan commits another indiscretion or India prepare a wicket slightly favouring spin, these guys will be all over the place – talking about how “Indians have taken over bad behaviour from Aussies” and how “Subcontinentals prepare dodgy pitches while Aussies win on ‘true’ pitches”.
    At that point if you question them, they will say “they are questioning spinning pitches because their hearts bleed for cricket”
    No wonder Ricky Ponting is what he is – an insufferable brutish hypocritical self-righteous prig who doesnt even have an iota of a foundation of good behaviour to base his self-righteousness on!

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