Posted by: nestaquin | February 1, 2009

Chappell/Hadlee Series Game One Innings Break

danThe selectors blind faith in the Australian batting must surely be broken after the home team was cleaned up for a paltry 181 on a beautiful batting deck in Perth this afternoon.

Nearly every batsman caused their own downfall and regardless of the result later tonight, changes must be made. If they are not, the love, respect and forgiveness the national team have been shown all summer will quickly dissipate and the crowds will turn to sledging their own men, something I haven’t witnessed since Graeme Wood and Bruce Laird were opening the batting.

Credit and kudos to the Baby Black Caps for their controlled and plucky performance and unless they truly bottle it they will be one up in the series in a few hours time.

There are state matches being played on the Eastern seaboard this weekend and players that are in form need to be given a chance at international level before the team leaves for South Africa in three weeks because it is patently clear that the current mob are beyond repair.

One man that thoroughly deserves a shot in pyjamas is Simon Katich who scored another big ton in Newcastle yesterday. There are others that have had good weekends and I’ll elaborate after the match as time and temper are short!



  1. I honestly think they should drop Haddin now, he has played with the kind of irresponsibility usually reserved for the likes of Shoaib Akhtar and Shahid Afridi. Ponting and Clarke ran themselves out, but they’re arguably the only two who should be retained in the batting line-up, well maybe Marsh as well. This fixation with T20 stars like Warner and David Hussey needs to end soon if Australia have any ambitions of getting back to the indomitable the side they were little over a year ago. Michael Hussey, well as you said in your recent post, when he gets back in form, maybe.

  2. Thanks for dropping by achettup. Haddin stooped to one of the oldest and dirtiest tricks in the wicketkeeping book tonight to assist in the Broom dismissal and for that alone he should be dropped and severely reprimanded.

    Most will give him the benefit of the doubt but as a man who kept wickets for 25 years I know blatant cheating when I see it and it makes the heart heavy to witness an Aussie ‘keeper stoop so low in an attempt to gain an elusive victory.

  3. Well Nesta, if Haddin should be reprimanded and worse dropped, what about Ponting himself. The bloke who talks of ‘ spirit of the game’. Where was it with the Broom incident???

    Frankly, this team under Ponting is an embarassement to cricket, forget the Aussies alone. A boorish, self absorbed bunch of whingers.

    The teams under Taylor and S Waugh, even though they had to deal with the likes of Mcgrath/Warne, weren’t so hated and despised. Something about class of a leader springs to mind.

  4. Tifosi, firstly thanks for taking time to vent your frustration. It’s far healthier than kicking the dog or drowning in alcohol.

    Haddin is totally responsible for what happened tonight as I doubt that anyone else including the umpires knew what he did. Saying that, they’d all be aware by now and I hope it isn’t swept under the carpet.

    Also, Ponting has been dropped/rested for the rest of the series so someone in power agrees with you.

  5. I only saw the last few overs (as I was watching the tennis from Melbourne most of the time). I was pleased to see that Aus didn’t just roll over and defended 181 with such heart. The decision that kept Vettori at the crease was ridiculous, but, having not seen the Haddin incident, I didn’t know that there might have been a bit of payback.

    Punter being given a break has to be right – towards the end, there seemed to be five or six captains, but there usually is in those circumstances.

  6. Didn’t see the Ponting being rested news. I’m sure he’s glad to have the break. Doesn’t now need to think of fronting up ‘ first’ in the post match presentations :)

    So does Pup now take the bone so to speak??? Well he would get a taste of the team he will inherit from Ponting real soon :)

    I don’t see Ponting lasting more than 2011 with this team, for all his ‘ fighter’ qualities he sucks as a leader. Who on earth besides Ponting sees a role for Symonds ?? Not a great reader of men is he!!!

  7. Thanks guys, the full match review is up and I’d rather comment there but for now I’ll say I doubt Ponting will last to 2011 and obviously Australia was never going to give in.

    However, I think that their overly psyched aggressively tense demeanour after the break contributed to Marsh pulling his hamstring.

    Anyway that incident should give Katich or maybe even Hughes a chance. Both scored big this weekend and have been very consisitent in all forms of the game this season.

    As far as I am concerned reputation should mean little and only players with proven form should be selected. Unfortunately, the coatholders are naming the squad to Sth Africa on Tuesday so I expect the same bunch of losers will be representing for a while yet.

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