Posted by: nestaquin | February 4, 2009

Shilpa & Shane: A Winning Combination

shilpa_shetty-pinkWhile over at the always excellent Well Pitched I discovered that Shane Warne has a new boss, Indian actress Shilpa Shetty.

Personally, I think this is great news for Rajasthan’s chances of back to back IPL titles as nothing motivates Shane like an impossible challenge.

Apparently, she has a boyfriend but once Shane pours on the charm, bowls a few flippers and flexes the text finger, the poor bloke will be spun out the door before you can say Howzat!

It is a cunning move by the owners of the Royals for Shane has little to prove to the world from a cricketing sense but with Shilpa in the sheds he’ll be at the top of his game in an all out effort to seduce the lovely lass from Mangalore.

I expect that Shane will be renewing his gym membership for the first time in years and that Shilpa will be getting half hour updates, via text naturally, of the Raja boys progress at training.

The other teams in the IPL should beware. Warnie has a new mission and as we all know, when motivated the man is a mystery, a magician, a libido on legs without inhibition, a proven matchwinning genius who also has an empty soft leather passenger seat in his flame red Maserati.

How could a girl resist?



  1. Ms Shetty has a sister too :)

  2. After a stint on Celebrity Big Brother, La Shetty is well known and much loved in the UK – rather like SK Warne, if truth be told.

  3. Shilpa is wee bit thin. I’m not so sure she’s buxom enough to be Shane’s type. She’s my type though.

  4. The three fundamental rules to be learnt from Shane Warne’s career:

    1. The skill in having a variety of different deliveries is knowing when to use them.

    2. You don’t need to spin the ball a long way, just make the batsmen believe it is.

    3. If you consolidate all your individual mobile bills into a single unitemised invoice re-directed to your work address, you can avoid a lot of trouble.

    2 out of 3, as they say, ain’t bad.

  5. Len, I don’t get it… which two, 3 and ?

  6. Oh Pete, trust me, she’s buxom enough!

    Thats a thought Nesta.. but I hear Warne might be trying to get back with Simone.. bad timing?

    Saw him at the Australian Open recently.. looks like the gym is being hit already!

  7. achettup: I was suggesting that Shane managed the first two during his career but would have been wise to adopt the third as well.

  8. she is too beauty and sexy

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