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This Goose is Well & Truly Cooked

shouting-gooseI’ve written on several occasions about recognizing the power that lies within a published writer’s hands. While writing I’m usually cognizant of this burden and although like all men I fall into error at times, I trust that what little wisdom, respect and humility I have will guide my keystrokes so that I injure no person and perhaps on the odd occasion inspire or challenge another to change their world, and consequently all our lives, for the better.

Many bloggers and their commentators in this wild world web of the early 21st century understand this and act with prudence and thought, delicate in their expression so as not to cause unnecessary offence or division. These souls are the majority within my circles and knowingly or not they are paving the way for a more understanding society, be it online or on the street.

Unfortunately, as we are all too well aware, there are members of every community that prefer conflict rather than harmony, division other than discourse, and deception instead of honour. On the net they are simply described as trolls, however, considering I’ve spent many years studying the language and culture I prefer the more accurate Japanese description arashi, which translates roughly to English as laying waste.

From antiquity, people have recognized the connection between naming and power. If you name it, you claim it and although the phrase is usually referred to a view of the world, as in the cup half full or empty scenario, in the following paragraphs I’ll be using the power for a darker purpose; to rid 99.94 of a malignancy.

Before beginning that unwholesome but necessary task some background and context.

99.94 was inspired by the romantic and utterly idealistic desire that the global cricketing community could set an example to others in these fractured and violent times. It is a game that has deep literary roots on most continents and it has and continues to bring men of differing cultures, classes and professions together in a spirit of conviviality, charity and contest. It has done much to make society richer and in my opinion is the greatest single invention that the British Empire ever exported.

For example, in the last few days the cricket community has contributed more than any other in raising much needed resources for thousands of lives destroyed in Victoria and it is far from an isolated case of goodwill. I also find it symbolic that the refugee camps of rows and rows of khaki tents are staked on cricket grounds throughout the region where the clubrooms act as kitchens to feed the homeless, treat the injured and shelter and assuage the grief stricken.

99.94 is also my home on the web and while everyone is welcome any that continually show disrespect by laying waste to conversation will be quickly shown the door. Disagreements are natural and accepted but if a contributor has overstepped the boundaries of decency and community I always email them and with compassion and understanding try to resolve any conflict while asserting the concepts and standards of the site.

Some of you will have no doubt received such a response to ranting and disrespectful behaviour and it pleases me immensely that in every case bar one all difficulties and misunderstandings have been resolved amicably.

A bad apple ruins the barrel and it would be remiss not to dispose of it as the conversations below the line at 99.94 are often distinguished and of an intelligent and deeply respectful manner which make me as its creator chuffed.

In the past the blog was infected with a person calling himself raj (I cannot be certain of gender but for the sake of simplicity I’ll make that assumption) and despite my urgings and explanations he continued to hijack threads with off-topic lunacy and personal attacks not only on myself but other patrons. Several times he was kindly offered his own article personally edited by myself to put his conspiracies in the open for discussion but while agreeing to such a path he never delivered. Instead he lied and continued laying waste to many a fine discourse.

Eventually, I requested that he never comment and even though agreeing to respect the decision he then began slandering me and this blog in other forums without prompting of any kind.

In recent days he has returned under another pseudonym, Goose, which is most appropriate and rather amusing in the circumstances. His clumsy disguise was unable to cover his hatred and contempt and so I have taken steps to name him, shame him and warn him to never return or stronger action will be taken that will have real consequences especially in these uncertain economic times.

Anonymity on the web is an urban myth especially when you post from your workplace. Even a goose should know that.

Stay Human

I’ve hastily decided that comments on this post may not be in anyone’s interest. Sorry for any inconvenience but if you really have something to get off your chest you can always email me and I’ll cheerfully respond.



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