Posted by: nestaquin | February 13, 2009

Stuart Clark: England Help Australia Retain Urn

big-stuI’ve little time to write folks but unable to contain my excitement there is something I’d like to share before slumber.

The Australian selectors have instructed Stu Clark that he will not be considered for any internationals between now and the Ashes and have ordered him to recuperate. Additionally, they are organising for him to play County cricket April through June in preparation for the battle of the urn.

Several counties are reportedly interested and with Australia’s attack inexperienced, the assistance given to Clark’s form and fitness is a major fillip for Australian cricket.

Whatmore the opposition will even pay Big Stu for the privilege.

I can scarcely believe that England, as they lurch from one avoidable cricketing crisis to the next, would assist so eagerly and I think I can speak for all my countrymen when I say thank you very much.

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  1. This is the nature of The Englishman. In the main, those with talent are welcomed to ply their trade in they so wish.

    There’s every chance that Stu will become a known, much studied opponent, and English conditions vary enormously through the season and with the weather.

    His playing will work both ways and it’ll be great to see him on the county grounds.

  2. Most gracious of you, it’d be nice if Stu and Phillip Hughes end up in the same county squad..

    I like the suggestion that studying Clark will help you play him, perhaps the English batsman lucky enough to have this experience will be able to pick his the one that comes out at 138 k’s and lands on a good length outside off.

  3. TTT, will this county intelligence find its way to the national team? The national-county connection seems weak, perhaps Bell et al will not bother with the opinions and comments of the lesser types who only play county cricket. DF is gone but the bubble lives.

  4. Fred – it’ll find its way on to Mark Garraway’s laptop. But I’d prefer it if the England team (especially its batsmen) played all the county cricket they can.

  5. With all respect, you didn’t really answer my question. You’re a fan of country cricket, fine, but aside from that, what does Garraways’s laptop have to do with it? Does this mean intelligence will be filtered and analysed, and will have an impact on Clark’s performance? What is the effective connection between his laptop and the batting of the team? Perhaps I’m asking questions you can’t possibly answer, but I’m just trying to understand exactly what drawback (or advantage in your case) his exposure through county cricket will have on the national team.
    Perhaps it will just be that he will perform well, gain a reputation as a reliable and thinking bowler, and enter the Ashes with credentials.

  6. I was planning to add to the above post but time has me pressed. Instead I’ll add a few words here.

    Australia have missed Stu Clark these last six months perhaps more than any other injured player.

    He played two Tests in India and both were drawn and the two he missed were lost. There were obviously other reasons for those results, India’s excellent standard of cricket the most prominent, but the fact remains that with Big Stu in the team Australia are a better performed outfit.

    He has little to prove and England should know him well. 26 wickets at 17 in the last contest should have burned his unerring and unending length into their collective memory.

    The young pace attack will benefit from an experienced man to guide them and Clark should be fit and raring to go by July after a couple of months of cricket in England.

    England, by allowing him to practice in County cricket will probably pay a high price for their graciousness and generosity.

  7. Fred – I suspect that England will study his “areas”, slower ball etc and talk to batsmen who have played against him. Had they done this in 2007 after Zaheer Khan’s excellent season for Worcestershire (I think) in 2006, they would have known about his round the wicket attack.

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