Posted by: nestaquin | February 16, 2009

Adam Voges: What a Catch!

Our colleague in South-East Asia, Rajesh Kannan is so excited by Adam Voges’ match turning catch at the SCG last evening that it would be remiss to not share it with everyone.

A Youtube version was available earlier but they collapsed to threats from the coatholders at Cricket Australia who decided that sharing what was already given was a ridiculous way to publicise the game. Obviously, administrator’s power is not respected at 99.94 but non-violent civil disobedience is, so enjoy the vision.

Thanks to Rajesh for the new link.

Power to the People



  1. Other players have tried similar it but this one worked. But this was of Brendon McCullum at a crucial time in the match, and Voges almost tripped over the rope. So well done that man.

  2. Excuse my syntax, should have read over my message, but you get the drift.

  3. There are so many great catches I’ve seen in cricket that it’s difficult to pinpoint any one as the greatest…until yesterday. The fact that it won the match is just gravy.

  4. Voges is known as a highly skilled player and to be honest my initial reaction was relief. I’m appreciating the effort more today.

    Just illustrates that excellent fielding wins matches and that there is little room for cricketers in the modern game who are poor in that respect. Especially in T20 where one mistake can cost you victory.

  5. my initial reaction was disbelief – I was sure that he’d stepped over the line or something, ‘coz I thought “there is no way he pulled that off” – comprehension slowly dawned after the replays.

    The thing which got me was the presence of mind to throw the ball away, and the skill to throw it high enough for him to recover, and near enough to be able to reach it. Admittedly, there is luck in the skill part, but this was something truly special.

  6. It wouldn’t surprise if Voges practiced that exact situation. Hopefully if he hasn’t already, Australia’s fielding guru Mike Young creates a drill for the high balls on the rope.

    It could be the difference between winning the T20 World Championships and being runner-up. As the old wisdom sagely states, “Catches win Matches”, and no matter the format that will never change.

  7. What was with all the climactic grunting in the commentary box?


  8. To be fair, seeing it live is a bit orgiastic.

    Now that I have added to your disgust…

  9. RK,

    Stop it.


    BTW, in the 80s, before the rules changed to make such catches easier, Dipak Patel caught a great one over the rope at the WACA.

    And kept his balance.

    And the commentators kept their hands off it.

  10. You’d think the Cricket Australia copyright police would let as many people watch this exceptional bit of cricket as possible. You’d be wrong.

  11. Great presence of mind.

  12. It’s not working. Keeps on showing me a black screen. Doesn’t go any further :(.

  13. I’ll find another copy later if I am able. Or better give the assignment to 99.94’s video mastermind RK.

    Until them you can see the catch at the link below.

  14. Well a similar catch was taken in the ICL last year. The link below works, though the audio is very poor.

    Apparently this one also won the match :)

  15. Tifosi,

    Good catch and those uniforms must be the worst in the history of the game.

  16. awesom bddy

  17. The Voges catch got me surfing, and here’s a nice compilation. Some of them are beyond belief :

    Nesta, the one below has to be worst sporting jerseys in the history of sports :)

  18. Oh by jerseys, I wanted to ask you guys if anyone saw India’s new jersey. It was cool. Though I was satisfied with the previous jersey itself.

    Any way, I am seriously worried about the growing hype around the men in blue. I hate it! Why ? Because whenever the hype grows up, India goes down.In fact, when India’s jersey changed before the world cup, it went on to be a disaster. Maybe I am being superstitious, but I am seriously afraid that NZ tour might be a disaster. :(

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