Posted by: nestaquin | February 19, 2009

Indian Cricket’s New Look

yuviIndian life abounds in superstition and our young friend Rishabh, a lad with a cricketing wisdom beyond his years, is worried that India’s new ODI clobber could spell impending gloom for his heroes. He is concerned that the last change in outfit coincided with the 2007 World Cup disaster and for the benefit of our Indian readers’ emotional health we shan’t dwell on that fiasco.

An Australian proverb states that, “If you’re on a good thing stick to it” but I also know that without change there’d be no butterflies. (Personally, I think it was worth the effort just to witness Yuvi’s hilarious posing!)

So what do you think?



  1. Fugly. Absolutely Fugly

  2. Did you notice Nesta? The font size of the sponsor ‘Sahara’ is the same as that of the one in which ‘India’ is written.

  3. I love the new indian shirt

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