Posted by: nestaquin | February 20, 2009

The 99.94 2008/09 Medal

the-prizeWhile we anxiously wait for the Battle of the Chalice that begins in Johannesburg next Thursday we thought it might be fun to summarise the Australian season and in doing so award the inaugural 99.94 Medal for the home team’s most outstanding and consistent player of the summer.

In total the Australian team contested five Tests, ten ODIs and three T20 matches with mixed results and the most difficult aspect of judging the 99.94 medalist is how to award points fairly considering the obvious differences in the three formats.

One complaint about the Allan Border medal is that Test matches are considered only marginally more important than ODIs. Well we are having none of the malarkey at 99.94. Instead, we have graded our points system along the 3-2-1 basis but have used the number of overs in each format as a guide.

TEST    450 – 300 – 150

ODI      100 – 67 – 33

T20        40 – 27 – 13

Before beginning our summary series on the 2008/09 season, a question; is this points system fair and just? And if not, what would be?



  1. Probably fair enough, but I’d prefer an arbitrary 6-3-1 weighting, much as I enjoy T20.

  2. Toots are you suggesting that:

    – two ODIs equals a Test
    – three T20s equals an ODI

    That would make the scoring:

    TEST 600 – 400 – 200
    ODI 300 – 200 – 100
    T20 100 – 67 – 33

  3. Nesta – when you put it like that, your weighting looks better. The Test I’m watching now is worth about 100 T20s!

  4. Well the 99.94 Medal already has more integrity than the AB Medal… what’s this, transparency? That’ll never work!

    I find when awarding the 3-2-1’s that often the 3 player will be only marginally better than the 2 player. How about starting with 1000 points for a Test and dividing that amongst as many players that you felt were deserving? Say Ponting scores 150 and Hussey scores 140 runs, is it fair to give Ponting 3 and Hussey 2?

    Perhaps you could divvy up 1000 points for a victorious Test, 800 points for a draw and 600 points for a loss.. thus weighting winning performances appropriately.

  5. I was trying to keep it simple Mo but I like giving more points for a win and less for a loss. Will consider those points before the ultimate decision and first post later on tonight. Thanks mate.

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