Posted by: nestaquin | March 1, 2009

Brett Geeves’ African Safari

brett-geevesOur newest acquaintance at 99.94, Japaljarri, has informed that Doug Bollinger has strained his side pouring the drinks and an SOS has been received at TCA headquarters on the beautiful Derwent for big, burly Brett Geeves to board the next flight out of Hobart to meet up with the Australian squad in Africa.

It is an interesting selection considering Nathan Bracken is brushing his hair and cooling his heels in Sydney but it does reinforce the notion that the selectors are sticking to their plan of resurrecting the Test squad with men of youth, heart, humour and character much in the manner of when Merv Hughes and David Boon were themselves selected during the rebuilding of the darkest period in Australian cricket history.

By selecting men of the same uncomplicated ilk as the captain, the hope is that Ponting will emulate the deeds of Allan Border and lay the foundation for another dynasty.

Since choosing this path Australia have won in Sydney and have the First Test in Johannesburg well in control, so with that said 99.94 wish Brett Geeves – who I am reliably informed has untapped drink mixing potential – the best of luck as he takes the next step towards an elusive and prestigious BaggyGreen.



  1. yes!!!… the Geeves!!!.

    oh yes, inDEED.

  2. Well done Tassie!

  3. looks like SA is being starved, or starving itself of runs..

    • I think it is a good tactic with the sun out. If McDonald can bowl tight at one end then the rest can attack from the other. It’s the way Australia have played in the past and I hope they can keep it together and squeeze a wicket before tea. The Saffas are onto it and are wasting as much time as possible.

  4. the game can be watched on line, if anyone is interested,, also the Pak/Sri match,

    I can get it on server one. good luck. Youll need broadband.

    mornin, nesta. .. the long hours time of the year. I am in training for the worlds 20/20 and the ashes.

  5. And the IPL pepp. Mitch has broken through. A couple more before stumps and I’ll sleep very well.

  6. Call for Geeves? Does this make Ricky Bertie Wooster?

    • Could be Toots but I doubt Brett will get to Johannesburg in time to liberate Ricky from his latest sticky situation.

  7. Is Bracken fit?

  8. a wicket.. Amla gone.. now I can manage to have a late supper.

    This game has got me so far in, I cant think of anything else. Which is very silly, really, as I am on firewatch as well. . .oh dear.

  9. and the IPL, nesta.. quite right, I have that slotted in with a big golden star…I will be utterly buggered come September. Oh well.

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