Posted by: nestaquin | March 4, 2009

Steve Magoffin: Australia’s Newest Recruit

steve-magoffinRangy West Australian quick Steve Magoffin is the latest uncapped Australian rushed across the Indian Ocean to aid in Australia’s quest to retain the ICC Test Mace.

After their herculean efforts in Johannesburg both Peter Siddle and Ben Hilfenhaus have pulled up sore and with Magoffin’s inclusion Australia now have six pacemen of varying degrees of fitness on tour.

Magoffin and Geeves’ recent summoning highlights the need for a touring fast bowling squad in 21st century Test cricket as the grinding nature of modern scheduling takes its inevitable toll.

Few, if any nations, have taken the path of having six quicks on tour but I believe that as Boards become more cognizant of the grinding nature of the modern game this will be the norm instead of the exception.

It is entirely feasible that Ponting will again be handing out BaggyGreens to debutants before the toss but reports from Bellerive suggest that it is only a precautionary selection in case either Siddle, Hilfenhaus or both don’t recover from their niggles in time.

Either way, it is a grand acknowledgement of Magoffin’s reputation within the Shield competition and if needed I’m confident he’ll challenge the hosts and make their stay at the crease uncomfortable.

He possesses good pace and steep bounce, can swing it both ways when conditions suit and also moves it off the seam regularly.

He could be an inspired selection for Kingsmead which favours bowlers of his type but even if he doesn’t play his inclusion suggests that the selectors have recognized his talents and also the need to keep replenishing the fast bowling stocks in this era of back-to-back Tests.

Another string to the 29 year old’s bow is that he is a certified bowling coach and so his presence in the nets throughout the tour will be an added bonus.

Although a little surprised at first hearing the news, after reflection I believe Magoffin to be a thoughtful choice and that his natural humility and intelligence, not to mention his bowling, will further add to the development, success and changing reputation of the Australian national team.



  1. Saw a bit of Magoffin in England. He looked a typical English seamer and delivered typical English seamer figures. I’m a bit surprised too.

    • I understand what you are saying Toots but just last week people in the UK were surprised at Marcus North’s selection because he hadn’t excelled in England. I remember the same questions being raised about Stu Clark.

      There is a lot of excitement in Australian cricket at the moment based on an expectation of something extraordinary unfolding before our eyes. I can taste it on the periphery and I think Brett Geeves’ comments when ambushed at the airport the other day sum up the attitude well.

      When asked if his foot injury had fully healed he replied, “Oh it still hurts a bit at the end of the day but I’d cut the bloody thing off for a BaggyGreen.”

      Inspired by Steve Waugh’s example as youngsters these new guys seem to grow a foot taller when they put on the cap. Can’t wait till Friday and although I’m expecting South Africa to hit back hard the boys will give their all for the country win, lose or draw. To say that we are all very proud of them would be an understatement.

  2. Replacements for the replacements. Truely testing the bench strength.
    How galling for SA to not only be beaten by Australia at home, but by such an inexperienced team.
    The background theme to the six test series was about the rise of SA, the decline of Aus, and new world champions. Now it’s about whether Aus has stopped the rot, and if SA really are good enough after all to do it. Some assumptions about how things will pan out over the next few years are being tested.

  3. If he’s not selected, does that mean that Magoffin was just a MacGuffin?

    • Indeed Rooto, very clever. And the series to date has had all the elements of a classic thriller. The next chapter, should the villain prevail, will undoubtedly set up the story for a very tense nail-biting finale.

      • Thankyou for honouring my poor joke with a scarcely-deserved response. I’ve enjoyed looking round this site for the first time.

        I’m nervous about actually expecting thrilling drama. The fascinating narrative thread could break if we stop being surprised at the twists and turns and start demanding more. Magoffin’s role is indicative of the greater narrative of Aussie renewal. If they (note “they” ;) ) hold on, then the idea of time being up on Australian dominance could be the Macguffin.

  4. Hughes and Katich plowing along quite nicely… 79 runs, in 78 minutes..

  5. What’s happened to SA? This is slaughter.

  6. I dont understand the SA bowling at ALL.

  7. Just in from work. Very pleasing lunch score! Great start at a real crack at what would be an unbelievable series win. Long way to go…

    The Hughes doubters learning quickly, just like the kid?

  8. ah plenty of time, jap.. English cricket fans are a bit discombobulated, no Hayden to hate.. the search is on for an new AU icon.. Hughes could be it, although my money is on Siddle.

  9. Hughes!!… well done, pal..

  10. This is a tremendous response from Aus to defeat by SA. There’s going to be a big mismatch between Aus batting and English bowling come the Summer. I was going to say that we can expect some green wickets, but the money men won’t allow it. Punter’s going to have to time his declarations well.

  11. This is just so enjoyable! Fighting young buggers in their baggy greens (wipes eye). Couple more days like this….

    Well apart from the joy and surprise for Aus some questions really should have to be asked of SA if they don;t fight back here. From the little l have seen today they have bowled poorly/good pitch.

    • Gosh Morkel is wasting a hell of a lot of talent. Can;t put it together.

      • Morkel is going to have to be careful that he doesn’t turn into a Saffer Harmison. Like Harmy, he can bowl fast with horrible bounce and look unplayable, but like Harmy, he seems diffident and possibly just a bit too nice to be a quick. And, like Harmison, when he’s bad, he’s awful. His place must be in question, not least from his brother.

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