Posted by: tootingtrumpet | March 30, 2009

The Strauss Tapes Part XI


steve-bucknor101A package has arrived at the Trumpet’s door. Postmarked “Barbados – it doesn’t rain every day, even if it seems like that” inside was a tape, a transcript of which appears below.


 “Well if Jess has finished the skating can’t she come out to St Lucia? Not if she’s in South Africa sorting out a hotel for the IPL, obviously KP. Just talk to me and not the Daily Mail, that’s all Kev”.

“Belly – go and set the Sky+ or whatever they have here for the T20 highlights from South Africa. I want to watch Punter’s face.”

“Much better today lads, at least it was from me. No, I’m joking lads, joking. The fielding was good – even Matt caught one standing up, didn’t you Matt? Matt – stop showing Kev pictures of the baby – you’ll only make him worse.”

“Bowling was passable and, when Crystal was at it, hittable, but you hung in there and the umpires eventually got one right. Were you playing Harmy? Sorry Steve, I forgot. Not noticing you is an improvement though isn’t it?”

“Batting? The nine wicket margin speaks for itself – well it speaks for me, Ravi and Matt.”

“So, well done lads – one more win and we’ve rescued the winter. Stop smirking KP.”




  1. Cricket really is a crazy game. My view is that England probably are slightly better side in this clash of titans, but have just got unlucky in the close ones and had a couple of bad games.
    Of course, this means they are going to be trounced in the Ashes.

  2. One more win. If only.

  3. LMAO! Really funny Tape series! Thanks tootingtrumpet, enjoyed reading the whole Tape series.

  4. crikfan – Thanks!

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