Posted by: nestaquin | April 21, 2009

Heaven, Hell & Holidays

goannaIt would appear that my month long holiday, however enjoyable, was an indulgence that requires penance.

I’ve returned home to an overgrown and tatty yard that resembles a rainforest, a pair of promiscuous possums nesting in the roof, an intemperate tiger snake squatting in the shed and a mind so sluggish that I am struggling to form an intelligible idea. Perhaps George Bernard Shaw was correct when he wrote that a perpetual holiday was a good working definition of hell.

Regardless, like the ghost of Sisyphus I’ll push on and begin by expressing my gratitude to Toots and his mysterious spook for keeping 99.94 breathing and also thank all the readers for visiting in my absence.

On cricketing matters, for the next week at least, I’ll be concentrating solely on the ODI series in Dubai between Pakistan and Australia and thereafter the return Test series for the Wisden Trophy beginning at Lord’s on May 6.

As much as I enjoyed the inaugural IPL, for reasons not yet coherent I have found myself completely uninterested by the tournament this year. Perhaps it is because I missed the pre-tournament hype while sunning myself like a goanna with a bellyfull on a Queensland beach. Or maybe the desperate notion of playing an Indian domestic tournament in South Africa has me completely underwhelmed. Or perhaps it is because most of the Australian stars are superannuated geriatrics that require a sponsored spell every ten overs but whatever the reason for my disinterest it matters little for there is enough international cricket and thrilling Australian football to keep me content.

After I’ve mowed the yard, evicted possum and wrestled venomous snake I’ll pen a few thoughts on Australia’s squad in Dubai and their chances against a talented Pakistan team coveting credibility and competitive cricket.

Until then folks, Stay Human.

Painting: Natalie Bateman



  1. Good to have you back 9994, good luck with the tidying up of the lawn and such. As anti IPL as I am, lack of cricket on the tele has forced me to watch it. Its pretty dull at the moment but interestingly the spinners are having a shockingly good time.

    See you soon !

    • Thanks Damith. I’ve discovered this evening that the IPL isn’t being broadcast in Tasmania this season, not on free-to-air or subscription, so perhaps my apathy has rescued me from disappointment. Obviously, I can watch it online and I may tune in when Warne is bowling if the match schedule doesn’t clash with my slumbering.

      I’m far more excited about the series in Dubai and I’ll be lurking around 99.94 when it begins at 8:30pm Vladivostok time tomorrow. I reckon the spinners will do well in UAE too and that should give Pakistan the edge for the first match at least.

  2. Good to have you back safe and sound Nesta.

    The Dubai series may be very interesting indeed and I look forward to your thoughts. Here in England, the domestic season has crept in through the back door to no great fanfares, but the sun is high and the weather lukewarm. England and Aus have much to prove over the next few months which will make life unpredictable with reputations to be underlined, formed and lost.

    The Trumpet was at Wembley to see Everton reach the FA Cup Final. Aussie Tim Cahill missed a penalty, but his distress and commitment to the cause inspired 10 other players and 44,000 Evertonioans – he’s ours as well as yours.

    • Tim is yours Toots as long as you’re prepared to pay him and treat him with respect. With Australia only needing a draw from their next four World Cup qualifying matches I expect Cahill to enhance his reputation even further in South Africa next year. Additionally, most Aussies hope that Tim and the lads get a chance to shine against England at some stage during the tournament. The hype for that encounter would be unprecedented in Australia.

      The first ball is about to bowled in Dubai and Boycott just said that the next World Cup will be in Australia. Have I missed something while I was away or does Boycs know something that no-one else is prepared to acknowledge?

  3. I heard that the Pakistan leg was called off, but not the tournament moving completely.

    England vs Aus in SA would be very good indeed!

    • I do know that Australia and New Zealand are the back-up host nations in case all goes pear shaped in India. If they cannot stage the IPL then the World Cup would also be under scrutiny I presume. Still, lots of water under the bridge before 2011 and the Antipodes have the 2015 version scheduled already. I guess, as usual, Boycs’ mouth was disengaged from his brain.

      Have you booked your tickets for Wembley for the FA Cup final? An Everton win is certainly possible!

      • Final tickets will be hard to come by as there’s an allocation to the blazers and Uncle Tom Cobbleigh. But I hope so.

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