Posted by: tootingtrumpet | April 25, 2009

The Strauss Tapes Part XIII


“That you Fred? No I’m not giggling, it’s a cough.

How bad is the knee then?

Do you really need a specialist’s opinion these days Fred – I’d have thought you’re more of an expert than them by now.

Me? I’m in the Lord’s Pavilion watching Middlesex play some side or other. That Aussie Hughes looked handy in my spot at the top of the order, enough to make anyone’s knee twinge.

Vaughany’s been on the phone from the Durham vs Yorkshire game telling me that Harmy is lightening quick again – too quick for the umpire who sawed Vaughany off. Yeah he did say that he was hitting it well in the nets funnily enough. I don’t know how Lancs are doing – you’d better ask your pal Mooresy.

So do you still get full pay if you’re injured? Somebody must know, surely? I bet KP does, why don’t you ask him? Oh yeah – forgot.

Sorry Fred, should have asked – how was it going before you got crocked? Shh! The kids can hear that.”




  1. Excellent

  2. Costly

  3. Four operations on his dodgy ankle and now his knee buckles! OUCH!

    Without much time between now, recovery and The Ashes, choosing Fred will be fraught with risk at Cardiff and beyond. Losing a frontline bowler early in a Test match is a sure recipe for defeat.

    Personally, I hope he recovers quickly, proves his fitness with some hard days in the field for Lancashire and is raring to go in July. After the last series walkover, a close hard series would be welcome this time around and I think a fit Fred would make that more likely than not.

    • l hope he makes it back too. You want all the best players playing. l also think he would be a huge blow if out – they need him firing as a strike bowler, especially at the Aus left handers.

  4. Japal – we do need him as a bowler.

    Meanwhile MP Vaughan fails twice vs Durham.

    • Seriously Toots l cannot believe the groundswell behind Vaughan in the English press – what is it based on? Respect for his past efforts, particularly on that tour down here, but surely you have to do something of recent note on the other side of the picket fence?!

      • Japal – I agree with you!

  5. I like the comments by the doctor about the injury. They were supposed to be positive, but basically he really meant, “Freddy’s not going to play much longer anyway, so while it could cause other knee injuries in the long term, a torn meniscus isn’t so bad. Oh, and he might not be able to walk when he gets older. But the good news is that he should be able to come back in a few weeks.”

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