Posted by: tootingtrumpet | May 20, 2009

The Strauss Tapes – Part XV

Sony Tape RecorderA package has arrived at the Trumpet’s door. Postmarked “The 1984 and 1985-6 Blackwashes avenged – Leeds” inside was a tape, a transcript of which appears below.


 “Belly? Good, you’re back. Go and get Ravi out of my seat will you.

Lads – we’ve all done very well in the Tests… except Belly and Owais and er… is that you Dimi? I thought you were sitting in the dugout at the IPL getting paid more than the rest of us put together? Now you’ll be sitting in the cold here instead – bummer Dimi.

Ravi – I heard that. I’m the captain, not Colly, he does the T20 I think. And don’t smirk like that. You haven’t even captained Essex yet – not that you’ll get much of a chance soon. Belly – are you captain at Worcester yet? Okay, sorry, Warwickshire? Just asking – Cooky wanted to know.

It’s an ODI series lads. Sorry Jimmy – what was that? It must be at least three, probably five, Christ, I hope it’s not seven. Belly – take that bloody phone off Swanny and get cricinfo on it and check will you?

Anyway, we can expect a much tougher challenge than in the Tests. All right, all right, calm down, it wasn’t that funny. We need to treat this professionally and avenge the defeat in the Caribbean ODI series. We did lose the ODI series didn’t we – Belly, can you check? Or was that the T20? Did the rainy match count?

Remember, there’s places up for grabs in the T20 stuff later – mine for sure. I’ll be on TMS when you’re running round like headless chickens playing Samoa or whatever. If you want a word, just send Belly up to the box with a note.

Right, get a good night’s sleep and report at 9.00am tomorrow at er… where is it we’re playing Belly?”




  1. Is it starting already? What’s the temperature like?
    I know that sounds glib, but the Windies seemed to be suffering last week from extreme cold.
    A part of me would like a challenge to steel the team before they have to face the Australians, another part doesn’t want too much of a challenge, before they have to etc.

  2. If England lose, it will be a disastrous setback: if England win, it won’t count as the Windies aren’t bothered etc.

    No win situation!

  3. Apologies for using this board Toots, but I just want to say how thrilled I am with the Deccan Chargers win last night in the IPL :)

  4. Kumar – Congrats to the Chargers and all their supporters.

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