Posted by: tootingtrumpet | June 4, 2009

Ravi – the real deal?

ravi-bopara-samit-patel-2008-11-18-6-5-40The Trumpet has liked the cut of Ravi Bopara’s jib since first seeing him as a kid strutting about as if he owned the place – doesn’t matter what place, he acted like he owned them all. Since then, Ravi has been in and out of the England set-up after being handed a Test debut away in Sri Lanka – about as tough as it gets and too tough as the young man flunked it.

But he didn’t whinge, he went back to his county and did the hard work, amassing huge scores quickly and bowling whenever his captain tossed him  the ball. “Too much cricket”? Not for Ravi.

Our proprietor, Nestaquin, had this to say about him when The Trumpet got a little carried away a couple of years ago 

Ravi will need about 5000 Test runs before we even begin comparing him with Tugger. That’s less than half of what Steve accumulated. I know where you are coming from Toots but is it not a touch disrespectful to be comparing a rookie playing at home to the fourth highest run scorer and most successful captain of all time. 

Of course, Nesta’s point was a good one, but Ravi now has three consecutive Test centuries, softish sure, but there’s always been soft runs available and not many convert them into three back-to-back tons. His early season limited overs form is equally encouraging and his confidence, never low, is soaring.

But here hangs the point. The next three months will present Ravi with the chance to shine in a global tournament and then The Ashes, the biggest event in the British 2009 sporting calendar. To meet that challenge, he will have to overcome the best players in the world and stand alongside them as an equal. He won’t have any doubts just now, but doubts will come – how he deals with them will tell The Trumpet whether the flint-eyed stare is the only thing he shares with Stephen Waugh or whether he can convert talent, technique and will into winning in the way Tugger did for so many years. I hope and, yes I’ll write it, I think, that he will.


  1. I think its still too early to compare Ravi Bopara with not just Steve Waugh, but any one above say, 7000 runs.

    Yes, he has shown some talent, no doubt about it.I really liked the way he adjusted to Test Cricket after coming straight from the IPL.

    But I would wait for a couple of series-deciding innings from him against Australia/SA/India.

    I mean, JP Duminy has better claims right now to be called the real deal than Ravi B.

    But for Ravi’s sake, I hope the English media doesn’t go overboard if he scores a ton in the first test of the Ashes.

  2. Kumar – JP is certainly the real deal, but that is what is exciting about Ravi: he just might be as good as JP! And we haven’t been able to say that about a batsman coming through the ranks since Graham Thorpe, a generation back. (Tresco and Cook have good numbers, but Thorpe was a notch above Tresco I feel).

  3. The one thing which that reminds me of Ravi Bopara is the incredible innings he played against Sri Lanka ( read Murali) in 2007 world Cup. He is a natural talent which England off late have failed to produce.
    He is a innocuous talent that should be nurtured and should not go the Graeme Hick way.

  4. Ravi and Hicky are at diametrically opposite ends of the self-belief spectrum. The Aussies will hate him – he will remind them of what they see when they look in the mirror.

  5. Ravi Bopara is a very talented cricketer.. obviously with the Indian blood running in this english citizen’s blood, cricket would have come naturally to him… I hope he does well in the years to come

  6. I wouldn’t go with that notion if i think of players like Solanki, Panesar and Samit Patel


  8. Indian – I’m not sure about the exact composition of his blood and what difference it might make, but he has the heart and the brain of a big-time cricketer.

  9. Cheers Japal – there’s no short cut to success is there?

  10. Absolutely. l’m a big big believer in that kind of approach. That respect sounds hard won and well deserved.

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