Posted by: tootingtrumpet | June 7, 2009

Performance of the Day – World T20 Day Two

211887868_69bb23247cHow the English ever invented cricket is oft mused upon and days like June 6 2009 is a reason why. Despite the sun being higher in the sky than on 90% of its other traverses, the day was dark and dank – it was either raining or about to rain. It was a day in which the only prospect less appealing than playing cricket was watching it.

Come 5.30pm at Trent Bridge and all that was forgotten, as a capacity crowd of men and women of all ages dressed in immaculate suits, dazzling saris or newly purchased replica shirts, brought a cricket ground to life. All the cliches of sub-continental cricket were there – manic gurning at the cameras, incomprehensible slogans held up proudly, tremendous noise whenever a hero (Yuvraj seems to have taken the mantle as mainman from Sachin) is near the ball. The Bangla Boys had almost as many devotees in the crowd with cuddly toy Bengal Tigers aplenty on view.

So Chris Gayle had a good shout for it, but Performance of the Day goes to the Trent Bridge crowd, which lifted a miserable English evening into the carnivalesque.



  1. You stage a cricket match featuring India even in Antartica and i assure you that there will be few Indians to chear our boys.

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