Posted by: tootingtrumpet | June 9, 2009

The Strauss Tapes – Part XVI


“Colly? Is that you? Can you get out of the bar and phone me back – I can’t understand what you’re saying at the best of times, so there no chance with Swanny singing in the background.”


“That’s better. Congratulations on getting through to the Super Somethings. Well that’s what cricinfo are saying and they usually know. I wouldn’t worry about what Aggers has said to Andy Flower – those BBC boys can’t work out the follow-on, never mind net run-rate. Obviously, I can’t either, I went to the same kind of schools they did – but I can read Duckworth-Lewis which is more than John Dyson can!”

“So do you think you have a chance? No, I’m not talking about Number Five for The Ashes, I’m talking about the World Twenty20. Ravi’s bound to be confident, what about you? Yeah – thought not – you’re an old pro these days after all. There’s a few big hitters out there aren’t there, except in your side, clearly. Okay – there’s that lad who opens – can’t remember his name – looks like a shrunken Broady.”

“Anyway, how’s KP’s ankle? What do you think he’s told me? He said it’s fine unless The Ashes gets cancelled and we set up some matches against Wim Slashcut and Dib van Dobbly.”

“Good luck with the rest of the tournament. If I get the kids off CBeebies and it’s my turn to have the remote, I’ll look in on it, especially if Owais plays well. I’m looking for a reliable man at Five, sorry, Six.”



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