Posted by: nestaquin | June 16, 2009

ICC World T20 Performance of the Day

booze busWaiting for Toot’s thoughts on England’s unexpected victory at Lord’s has worn my patience thinner than an Ethiopian Eucharist. Presumably, our man in London is far too humble, too busy or too drunk to crow and as I am finding it difficult to locate many sources outside of England praising Collingwood’s team for their pluck and tenacity, I’ve decided to give the Performance of the Day to the entire England team.

I’ll admit that I fell asleep with England crawling towards 150 and fully expected India in front of what seemed their home crowd to chase down the total. What a delightful surprise it was to wake several hours later and discover that despite the close margin the English had won quite comfortably.

It is of course my hope that England win the tournament, completely throwing their Ashes preparations into a chaotic celebration of drunken nationalistic flag waving euphoria complete with open-top bus rides through every major metropolitan area, several visits to Buckingham Palace and endless backslapping congratulatory appearances on morning television. I’m pleased to say that so far that stunningly cunning and improbably beautiful dream is falling perfectly into place.

I’ve found the Indian commentary, both professional and amateur, in print and on screen, almost absent in recognising their opponents. The general consensus seems to imply that it was Dhoni’s bumbling rather than England’s good cricket that was responsible for the loss. The navel-gazing is quite extraordinary in its hypocrisy and I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve read from an Indian pen that it is only T20 and therefore doesn’t matter!

I watched the second innings replay this afternoon and England bowled with hunger, skill and guile and outplayed an insipid India comprehensively. Well done England. They were deserving winners and if they keep playing with the same purpose and intensity as yesterday I’m hopeful of hearing many a proud Englishmen, wearing the obligatory 2009 T20 World Championship winning replica shirt, lamenting the insignificance of The Ashes when Australia clinch the series in late July.


  1. England did play with purpose and determination, but when the other team loses by just 3 runs, the losing team should also be blamed. The 14 wides, the inexplicable promotion of the juniormost member Jadeja, the running, etc. all contributed.

    If England had scored 175+, that would have been a different story.

  2. Nesta,

    I haven’t read many analyses of the match, but Dileep at Doosra Redux ( and the commentors there) gave credit to England for their discipline and hunger.

    I still see a lot of room for improvement for England, and whatever be the result in this competition, I expect a close Ashes. The key lies in how England bats.If their batsmen click, the series could go either way.

  3. Hilarious!! One victory over a tired and jaded Indian team and suddenly English fans are dreaming of a world cup victory. Maybe, if the English men’s team is allowed to play in the women’s world cup where they really belong.

  4. England’s bowling lineup looks good with some variety but they have to strenghthen their batting. They are playing only 5 pure batsmen and foster comes in as a nudger.

  5. Three matches in T20 wasn’t much, so England had a legitimate cause to dream of a world trophy (we don’t get many).

    Of course, one match was enough!

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