Posted by: tootingtrumpet | June 25, 2009

A Day at the Oval

Okay, The Trumpet has some way to go technically and the horror shots at the beginning are worth skipping, but you’ve got to give a man a chance!


  1. it was all so good until I saw the had Fosters on tap, shame

  2. Pete – The secret is to stick to the Marstons (or splash out on a jug of Pimms!)

  3. Bravo! 99,94 takes a technological step forward!

    Fosters is everywhere in London. Well, someone has to drink the stuff.

    Amazing you seemed to be able to film without people being disturbed you had a camera on them.

    Nice to see Bradman on the wall too.

    I expect Strauss’s tapes will be replaced by video from hidden cameras from now on? Wouldn’t the Eng team have made great reality TV over the last 12 months.

  4. All looks a bit different since my day. New-look tube, hi-tech bus stops and no sad lost souls with dogs on string. Doesn’t look like Kennington at all really.

    Hope the cricket was good and that you all had a great day out.

  5. Fred – the camera is very small ( so people think it’s a phone.

    My technical skills need to rise before we see much more video!

    Mimi – it has changed. I first went to a decrepit Oval in 1982. It’s very nice indeed now.

    • Oh I see, clandestine filming. Be careful!

      • Ha! I don’t conceal, they just don’t see!

  6. Well at least it’s full strength beer. The authorities at the SCG have niced such pleasures due to excessive frivolities by fans. We are now left with watery mid strength madness.

    • Peter – There was some significant argy-bargy on the other side of the ground and I suspect there will soon be calls for the beers to be limited. My view is that there are fewer problems at the cricket with x thousand people boozing, than if you went through the local pubs and counted to x thousand boozers.

      Of course, there should be no trouble at all.

  7. nixed i mean

  8. I guess now it’s the punk with the stutter. But Jimmy is one.

    Young boys to come to the Oval and not go to the coast.

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