Posted by: nestaquin | July 7, 2009


Voodoo DollSeldom are prayers answered, especially when you are a natural sceptic suspicious of sky god superstitions yet Brett Lee’s timely injury has me considering spending the afternoon in the shed constructing a tiny straw and cloth facsimile of Nathan Hauritz to poke and prod with sharp instruments in the full moonlight at the stroke of midnight.

Hopefully, if the spell is cast in the correct fashion the ever conservative and mostly confused Andrew Hilditch will have no choice but to select a balanced pace attack of Johnson, Siddle, Hilfenhaus and Clark for the First Test beginning tomorrow.

No time to dally so I’m off to mow a pentacle on the back lawn, hunt down an amaurotic and no doubt neurotic newt while still finding time to bribe the weird little bloke with the combover and black dress at the local cathedral.

Wish me luck!



  1. Nesta, Lee’s spell of reverse against the Lions didn’t put any doubt in your mind?

    Up until then I was very much of your opinion, but a lot of media outlets wrote quite glowing things about his performance…

    • No doubt whatsoever. Lee takes the new ball and it is his primary job to make early inroads into the top-order.

      In the two tour games and T20 Championships he has failed on every occasion to take a wicket in his opening spell.

      Test matches are rarely won in one spell – I’m reminded of Johnson v South Africa in Perth – it is sustained pressure and consistent excellence that gets you over the line. Similar to the intense effort that Johnson, Siddle and Hilfenhaus produced in South Africa.

      Splitting up that trio makes little sense especially when you consider their versatility and endurance.

      Lee should have been playing in Townsville against the Pakistan Seconds where the much maligned Jason Krezja ably assisted by Jon Holland and Doug Bollinger knocked over a good touring team on the final afternoon to win a hard fought and very tense series.

      • the much maligned Jason Krezja
        He needs some more maligning – his good figures in the second game are surely balanced by the 1/147 in the first.

        • Cricket statistics/figures need context otherwise they tend towards distortion.

          Krezja’s century at No. 8 allowed Australia to draw the first game and with only a session and a half to bowl in the last dig skipper White set very attacking fields in search of an unlikely victory. Runs at that stage were irrelevant.

          That he was able to bowl his team to victory and win the series on the final day should be applauded not derided regardless of past performance.

  2. Hauritz doesn’t look too good in that photo!

    It’s such an inexperienced attack – an opportunity, but Test cricket can be cruel. Lee has bowled 72 overs on tour; Siddle and Hilfy just 56 between them, so the management haven’t even given the new lads the most overs!

    • By trying to fix what wasn’t broken the management have created a problem that never needed to exist. Put Nielsen, Hilditch and Ponting in one room and idiocy will always be the product.

      The last time they were together Australia played the first three Tests in India without a spinner! Krezja illustrated the nonsense of that decision even with the added obstacle of Ponting’s incompetent field settings!

  3. I just feeling sorry for poor Lee.Between Hauritiz and Hilfy, even a school kid would go for Hilfy. But Warne seems to think otherwise.

    So, who will decide now? Is it Ricky or will it be Hilditch?

    • When sober Warne is usually on the money, however, I think he hasn’t factored in Ponting’s inability to adapt in match situations and set fields for an off-spinner. He seems to have two default fields, attack and defend and nothing in between.

      Also, if Warne is concerned about the team’s chances he should make himself available for selection instead of offering opinion from beyond the boundary.

      As for who chooses, I don’t know but I’d guess that Hauritz will probably get the nod. They’ve certainly given him every opportunity.

      It doesn’t bode well that the captain and selectors have had four months to plan for this match and 24 hours out they still haven’t finalised the XI.

  4. Just when I’d resigned myself to Lee playing, even started to feel hopeful that maybe he might even add something to the attack, he gets injured. Toots point on lack of match practise is the big worry now. Only Clark might reasonably be considered to be prepared, which for an inexperienced attack is unforgiveablely short-sighted. Even McGrath struggled first time out in England.

  5. Ponting seems to have achieved his goal of either making or breaking Lee – leaving him to face Gayle was fairly obviousl, but this latest one less so. He noticed Lee fooling with the crowd and threw him the ball, after Lee didn’t notice the call and didn’t warm up. Ponting told Nasser H that after Lee got a wicket with his third ball, Lee said “See, I don’t need to warm up!”

    link –

    Famous last words.

    I was hoping they’d leave him out too, but if he was firing, it that would also have been good. Point taken about him being a strike bowler, not an old ball bowler.

    My prediction is that if Hussey & Clark get runs, Aus will win. (I mean that as a bold arbitrary prediction, not an analysis.)

    • Thanks for adding to the discussion. I’ve nothing against Brett and if he played I too was hoping he would perform at his best although I thought he should have come back by playing some County cricket or in the ‘A’ team to prove his worth rather than parachuting into the squad. If he didn’t get injured halfway through last summer he was likely to be dropped anyway.

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