Posted by: tootingtrumpet | August 21, 2009

Fifth Ashes Test Day One Video Report



  1. Magnificent stuff Toots. It has me pining for the cricket season to begin in Tasmania.

    On the match, I was only able to watch the middle session and on TV the pitch looked rather benign. I thought at least 450 was required and it looked as though England would get them despite Australia’s tight disciplined bowling.

    I was very concerned for Australia’s chances and was pleasantly surprised to see England eight down at stumps.

    Thanks again for the video I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  2. Cheers Nesta.

    My camera skills still need a lot of sharpening, but it’s good to try something different!

    350 is a minimum to be competitive on first innings – I feel 450 would be a good score, 500 very good. England will have to bat and bowl very well for two days to get the match back on an even keel.

  3. What is this..Broad running thru the side !

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