Posted by: tootingtrumpet | August 24, 2009

The Fifth Ashes Test – Day Four



  1. I’ll be back tomorrow with my series report card on England’s Ashes players.

  2. You arrived on the tube and took the open-top bus home I presume toots.

    Thanks for the handycam views of the Oval and enjoy the urn.

  3. Thanks for the videos, Toots.

    And hearty congratulations to you and the rest of the Eng fans here.

    I predicted a close series too, but expected Aus to win 2-1.I do think they had/have the team to win this series.It would be easy to point the blame at an inexperienced attack and one of the star bowlers not coming to the party, but I think it is the three first innings collapses that did them in.

    England managed to win the series even though they did not play to their potential for a large number of sessions.The performances of Strauss, and the bowlers (when it mattered) was just enough against a strangely undercooked Australian side. In this test though, I think Eng performed like champions.

    I know there are many Ponting lovers here and I do respect him as a great batsman.But, the blame for the Cardiff draw should go to the captain and no one else.

    For Australia’s sake and Punter’s sake, it is best to ease him out of the captain’s role and be the elder statesman in the team.

    And Eng? I wonder if they dole out MBEs again this time.I hope not.Eng should expect this team to win more often from now on.They have shown that they do have the resources to compete and win at home.They will need KP+Trott+Colly to work together and create a world class middle order now.

  4. Good stuff Tooting, nice to see.
    Weren’t people looking at you a bit funnily as you gave a cricket prognosis while walking through the tube tunnel?
    That guy from the Guardian is a bit of a tosser isn’t he? (what a surprise).
    At the end of the day, few people actually performed as expected: the wünderkind Hughes and Bopara were dropped, MJ screwed up badly, Swann was outbowled by Hauritz, Anderson was average, Ponting was average (by his standards), Cook was poor, Harmison, Flintoff, Clark only made occasional impact, etc.
    No wonder the commentators come up with such nonsense sometimes, cricket can make fools of us all. Wasn’t that Naylor guy going on about Aus giving the chase a real nudge?
    I’ll shake the dust of this series from my sandals, and watch where the two teams go from here from their respective positions.
    I suspect Hussey may have played his last, not (only) because of his performance, but also because he ran out his skipper, who was on a mission. I suspect he hasn’t yet, after 24 hours, been able to make eye contact with Ricky.

  5. Fred – I was whispering and the camera looks like a phone!

    Jonathan (from the Guardian) was just having a laugh – he’s a good guy, promise!

    Punter was at fault for the run out – there was one there and when has Punter ever watched the ball instead of his partner?

    You know, I would have backed Punter and Clarke to score as many as Hussey. That would have given Aus 176 of the 197 they were short. Two slightly freakish dismissals and the Urn changed hands.

    • One watching to ball to much, the other not enough!

      • The game kicks you in the teeth when you’re behind!

  6. Kumar – Cardiff – what was Punter thinking? Such a big moment as Monty walked out and he faced 14 balls from Siddle, 10 from Hauritz and 11 from North.

    Of 198 balls bowled at England’s 8, 9, 10, 11, only 33 were bowled by Hilfy or MJ?

  7. Tooting, I heard a post match interview where Ponting expressed surprise that he was called through for that single, implying it was not his call.
    I’ve just caught up too on the Clarke run-out, unbelievably unlucky. As you say, that’s all it took to get the result, what a maddening game. Agree, Ponting and Hussey seemed solid until that point.
    Two many flukes, bad umpiring decisions and brain-melts in this series for my liking. I’m looking forward to Australia taking the training wheels off and playing proper cricket again.
    Looking forward also to seeing what Eng do in SA, where presumably their opposition will be more consistently threatening, rather than just occasionally.
    Trott had a dream start, but quite a few do. The real question is where does he go from here. No conclusion can be drawn yet.
    For me the best thing to happen for England was Strauss’s consolidation as captain and batsman. He will be the rock for some time to come.

  8. Fred – Punter should not have been on his heels watching the ball. Clarke – unlucky.

    Good point about Trott – we’ll soon know if he has it!

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