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England vs Australia ODI Series: England Report Card

The only England player who enhanced his ODI reputation during the series

The only England player who enhanced his ODI reputation during the series

Andrew Strauss – Given a set of popguns to counter Australia’s big guns, his captaincy was as understated as ever – when winning, that approach can look like calm authority, but when losing, it looks like diffidence. Batted well, but, understandably after his workload this summer, couldn’t go on to make really big scores.

Ravi – The selectors have stuck with him admirably as he learns what international cricket is all about at the highest level. His continuing propensity to throw his wicket away needs sorting out very soon indeed or he’ll spend his career hammering county attacks and hoping for IPL contracts.

Matt Prior – Has played a lot of international cricket this year, all of it in the middle of the action and looks mentally fatigued. Needs to make big scores in ODI cricket if he is to bat in the top order – at Seven, 40 off 35 balls is good; it’s not good at Three.

Owais Shah – Good batsmen “book themselves in for bed and breakfast” – Shah always appears to be hailing a taxi. As a senior batsman, he radiates anxiety – excusable if you’re nervously making tons, but not when you don’t make fifty in seven innings. Terrible fielder for a professional cricketer.

Tim Bresnan – Chugged in to bowl slightly quicker than his approach suggested and made some useful runs in losing causes, but can you see him in a World Cup winning XI? No.

Eoin Morgan – Shows promise in the role of unorthodox middle order, middle overs run a ball merchant and deserves an extended run. Exactly the kind of player who would look good making 57 off 45 balls in a total of 290 – but how often do England make 290?

Ryan Sidebottom – Bowled some very handy late innings yorkers, but lacked penetration at the top of the innings. Must be close to being sent back to the counties for good.

Jimmy Anderson – Does he have enough weaponry to threaten good batsmen when conditions are not in his favour? Years of posing this question brings no closer to a definitive answer. A season or two in the IPL would accelerate his ODI nous, but who would have him?

Swanny – Bowled handily, indeed very well in the final match, but didn’t have the chance to influence matches when batting. Might need to think how best to use his personality in ODI cricket as he has done so successfully in Test cricket.

Colly – Took a mid-series break, a luxury rather dangerous for a man in his form to return for the final match of the series on his home ground. Adopting ugly, but effective, batting and bowling styles is fine if they are indeed effective – it’s not so fine when as ineffective as Colly has been in this series.

Luke Wright – Handy change bowler and handy biffer of ordinary bowling if found out by high quality stuff, he looks more a T20 man than an ODI player.

Joe Denly – Didn’t pull up any trees after his farcically delayed introduction after his football injury. Has the weight of shot so rare amongst English players, but needs to show that he can build match-winning innings.

Adil Rashid – Shows promise with the bat and the courage all leg-spinners need with the ball. Deserves better than being moved in and out of a side as poor as England’s – should really be told that he is Number 8 in ODIs no matter what the conditions and then we’ll see what he’s made of.

Stuart Broad – Like his captain, he had a good case for being given a bit of a break after Ashes heroics and got it with a fortuitously timed injury. Might need to be tried batting as a “wildcard” in the top six, as he can score very quickly once he has his eye in and, with his height, gives the bowler a real problem with length.

Dimi – Biggest hitter in this England squad, so hard to see why he only played two matches. His bowling won’t trouble the best, but can fill in four or five in the middle overs. Like Wright, he may well be a T20 man rather than an ODI player, but seems destined to be in and out of the ODI team.

Graham Onions – Brought in for a home ground match possibly to avoid too much bad feeling from the crowd if England went down to a 7-0 defeat. Might, like Hoggy, fail to broker a good Test career into a good ODI career.



  1. Tooting, thanks for the comments. Overall I’d say you were a bit generous for a team that just went down 6-1. I sympathise though, there’s not much to be said. Notwithstanding the Ashes result, I feel this team lacks substance, aside from Strauss and, on a good day, Anderson. Why on earth was Hoggard disposed of? SA could be ugly.

    Englands problem must be systemic, how else could you explain such performance from individuals capable of so much more?

    I loved the ODI series, despite all the trendy criticism. It should perhaps have been 5 games not 7, but otherwise has been a good test of many players. Good to see Ponting, Clarke, Ferguson, White, Paine, Lee etc all make their marks at some point. The team is growing. Resilience after early wickets is encouraging. Still waiting for MJ though.

  2. Schedulers – Poor timing to stick a long ODI series after the test series. It left many fans I know a little cold on the whole thing, and that was before it even started. In their defence they did need some practice before the Champs Trophy and scheduling is as much a global issue as a local one.

    I guess it at least has the bonus of people not getting carried away as happened to an extent in 2005.

    Regarding the Champions Trophy it’s scandalous that there will be no radio coverage. Aggers has said it’s due to the massive cost of hiring a media suite that is required by the ICC. Surely it must be in their interests to have broadcasters there, and hence cut a deal? I can understand how the BBC felt they couldn’t justify it.

  3. Generous, Fred? This is perhaps the most depressing report card in living memory, one that may easily be summed up in one sentence: “These are our best players, and they’re terrible.”

    I can’t even muster the bile to say “Sod it, we won the Ashes”. It’s like if I’d won the Olympic 100m, with Usain Bolt in 2nd, and then he’d spent the rest of the season crushing me in every race by half the length of the track, until finally feeling sorry for me and letting me win the last one (although, even jogging, he almost beat me then, too). I’d still have my gold medal, but I’d also have been humiliated repeatedly in front of a worldwide audience.

    Unless, as I suspect, absolutely no one was watching this ODI series – if a cricket team humiliates itself in a forest, does anybody care?

  4. Fred – England need everything to be in their favour to be competitive and, in this series, thongs weren’t. Aus were very professional indeed.

    Perch – Too much to expect the winners and the fans of the winners to be interested in anything so soon after The Ashes. A month delay minimum, of finish with The Ashes.

    Mac – Exactly.

    • Toots, I actually believe having the one day series after the Ashes will benefit England in the long run. There was too much non-cricket activity after 2005. Getting a pasting in a one day series is a small price to pay if it means the next two years are not wasted.

      Three plus points:
      + It gives Andy a fresh stick to beat people with.

      + It gives Strauss and co an early realisation that life did not stop with the Ashes and any over the top public goodwill for the team has already been used up, which should keep the players on the level.

      + It gives the Queen a reason to not give out any gongs.

  5. I thought Morgan enhanced his reputation some what over the series. Or at the very least he cemented his spot.
    Stick him in between two who can biff it and you have half an instant middle order.
    As a bonus he adds a different shade of green to The (United Colours of) England and Wales Cricket Team.

  6. Toots – “England need everything to be in their favour to be competitive and, in this series, thongs weren’t.”

    If you knew the secret all along, why didn’t you share? Gold thongs all round! It worked for Jason Giambi…

  7. England is going the Pakistani way in not having a stable batting and bowling lineup in the shorter version. If England want to utilize the services of Morgan and Denly then they have to be blooded well by going on full tours to Australia and the sub-continent. The good thing england unearthed from this series apart from the above mentioned is a spinner who is not a stock bowler( read Giles) and can spin the bowl. With the decent pace attack ( for me Anderson, Broad, Onions and Bresnan)
    they cannot be world beaters but can atleast show better resistance.

    Warnie is right in saying that there is no harm in losing to a better side but he goes over the board when he talks about the ashes. I think england won the series fare and square but its people like warne, michael clarke who find it difficult to digest the fact and give stupid excuses.

  8. Mac – I thought Giambi just took some more drugs!

    Jim – 2009 was never going to provoke the excesses of 2005, but the “feet on the ground” state of England is about right. Morgan didn’t really succeed, but didn’t really fail either.

    Kannan – I’d throw in Rashid for Bresnan and Flintoff for Onions and then it’s a decent attack!

    • Flintoff seems to be in his merry way when it comes to having a contract. The stature of a player must not overshadow the commitment he has towards the board. But can u play a unfit Flintoff instead of a fit Onions like it happened in the Ashes. ECB must not submit to his demands. Don’t pick Rashid just because of his batting prowess. He has a lot to learn a lot and develop a good googly.

  9. Mac Millings: “Generous, Fred? This is perhaps the most depressing report card in living memory…”
    I don’ thiunbk the two things are mutually exclusive.
    Regarding the golden thongs, I suspect this wouldn’t have been a problem if KP had been in the team. They miss him in more ways than you’d think.

  10. A bit mealymouthed, Tooter.. .no congrats to the winners, no congrats to the MOM etc.. .. but there you go. This Ashes and ODI series with it’s booing of Ricky and finally, and a bit overdue, it’s inevitable booing of Strauss by those English cricket fans just about summed it up, really.

    Currently I am getting a terrific coverage live broadcast TV from S.A, SA v NZ.. its the lunch break but after this, it’s Shane Bond in to bowl for NZ, and how I long to see that..

    try this, and see if it works for you. At the home page of this site, there are various servers which may work better for you depending on your location, I am in Sydney and this server is churning it out very nicely for me. Good luck.

    • Pepp – Thanks for your comments. My report card concentrates on England – but you will note that my first comment congratulates Aus who really hammered England in all aspects of the game.

      I saw Parnell in the T20 and he looked good, but the other young left-armer, Pakistan’s Aamer Mohammad, looked even better. I’ll try to catch Bond on the highlights because we don’t have much time left to enjoy an authentic quick.


    this is the home page with it’s list of various servers, sorry, meant to bung this one up first.

  12. Shane Bond looks so fabulous.. it’s been a long long time, no see.

    But Parnell S.A.. . he is devastation at speed.

  13. You know, there is really only one response: Don’t ask why? What’s there to smile about?

  14. Quite chilling, Mimi… I suspect someone has done that to poor Monty at some stage. What would be rational is if someone, like.. oh.. I don’t know, maybe old Duncan as a last hurrah took to Kevin with the telephone book with a mighty swipe across the ears. Might help.

    So.. .it’s Eng v Sri Lanka. For the comedy element, I intend to forgo a Friday Night ‘s Pleasant Chaos at the local Bundy Bastard’s Buffoonery Competition and repair all the buttons that have been ripped from my bodice over the long winter by my adoring fans and watch with a reasonable amount of interest at what could be a slaughter, could be a good game, who knows?

    One thing I know for sure, if Owais is in the lineup it will be giggle hour, oh he has me and my dog on the floor weeping tears of helpless laughter the moment he emerges from the dressing sheds. God Bless Owais!!

  15. My current list of Eng cricketers who could only benefit from the Thick Book Ear Bang procedure…


    Broad, that little shit.


    Bell. ( even you , Mimi , must be questioning your long running fanaticism re Bell by now ? )

    Creaking Jimmy.


    Owais and Collingwood. ( a thinner book, marginally, but a hefty whang all the same)


  16. After the excellent win by England today, (no choking in the chase) I think we can still safely say that we are no closer to knowing if Anderson can bowl in non-Anderson friendly conditions.

    But is is bloody good when it is in his favour! We can say that.

  17. What do you mean by Swanny using his ‘personality’? Do you mean being a general pain in the arse on the pitch? Or yarping at batsmen?

    Sportsmen mostly seem to have fairly limited ‘personalities’ or so it seems to me. Which is fine, I like watching them, not listening to them.

    Apart from the odd one with a real brain like Kumar Sangakarra or Stephen Fleming.

    • I agree on Kumar and Fleming, but a spinner has to have a bit of aggression about him, a bit of mongrel, I believe is the expression. Swanny gets bowlers to forget plans and bowl where he wants them to bowl – he was England’s third highest scorer in The Ashes. Bowling he can deliver the odd good ball, but his greatest asset is to get the batsmen thinking about him and not the ball. Swanny does all this without much in the way of boorishness and a lot of humour – we like it that way (which is one reason why we seldom win much!)

  18. Fabulous cricket last night, ENg v SL. congrats to Eng… I was surprised indeed.

    The Lovely Punter, batting away like a mad thing, right now. Taking on all the WI bowlers with aplomb and determination..

  19. Tremendously aggressive bowling by Tonge, and Sammy today at the New Wanderers, ribs, fingers, groins, toes, all fair game this morning. ( S.A. time)

  20. Wow Sri Lanka now gone unless England win all three of their games.
    Good to See Morgan carrying on from the good base he built at the end of the summer against OZ. Hope it’s put a smile back on your face Toots!

    Australia should really consider swapping Watson and White in the batting order. Bear has been having big problems starting his innings against spin for 12 to 18 months now and he proved he was more than capable batting up the order when covering for Ponting in England.

  21. And they say football is a funny old game!

    Coming in to the champions trophy everyone had written off England’s chances.

    Now they are in the semi – final with a game to spare, and who would bet against them making the final.

  22. the Eng v SA game was simply astonishing.. watching Shah was like watching a drunk at the crease, Collingwood was so nervous he began screaming early at Shah… oh it was a game with everything in it, craziness, skill, madness, eerieness, and a whole hell of a lot of just plain nutso stuff,.. what a pity Eng fans have affected a sort of collective ennui about the series, with an awful lot of blither about the death of 50 overs stuff, what rubbish..

    And NZ doing in SriLanka!!.. that was as fine a game of cricket as I’ve seen. A game to the wire, with as many subtle variations of tactical skill as anyone could wish for..

    and on to AU v IND in about 15 minutes time, blood on the grass, I expect, much and many are the matters between Ind and AU to be resolved, not the least being cricket. Ricky is up for it, I AM UP FOR IT, so here we go.

  23. Why send out Ferguson when there is rain at the door and you have Johnson and Lee to biff it about? Those 6 dot balls at the end could prove costly if we see any more play tonight.

    • Exactly what I thought. Johnson or Hopes were the obvious choices even without rain as there were 12 overs left and the Indian batting line-up means that the Ozzies need every run they can get to defend. Ferguson is good but he is hardly a biffer, more of an accumulator and both the other guys have more experience than him anyhow.

  24. Jim – You’re right! I was away in Dublin over the weekend at a wedding (my old opening bowler partner from Putney Seconds) and arrived back to see that the Middlesex men had galvanised the team!

    Pepp – Your enthusiasm seldom flags and it is welcome here. England will screw it all up soon and you’ll have seen it coming, but it’s great that you can appreciate our mercurial, inconsistent lads when they get it right.

    • I must say this has been a fascinating tournament. I have been following all the games as you really don’t know what its going to happen.

      Shah was like a madman once he got 50. He didn’t seem himself at all which is a good thing as normally he looks unbearably tense but like a real person and you feel sorry for him, this time he just looked crazy.

      And of course the Saffers bowled like a bunch of no-hopers. (Morkel is a no-hoper with the ball, I don’t get why they bother bowling him unless desperate). Colly and Shah completely threw their normal way of operating out of kilter by messing big-time with the spin bowlers and it affected the whole team. That was brilliant batting. Fabulous from Morgan. What an impressive Irishman he is, he seemed utterly nerveless.

      The West Indies bowlers were so much better than them against Australia, especially Tonge and Miller who are really doing themselves all sorts of favours in this series. Till Mitchie got a break and paid out on them in spades. His batting has come on remarkably this year.

  25. What the heck has bitten the poms? If they keep this up for another couple of games of they’ll be in danger of having their fans expect it from them all the time!

  26. This tourney is turning out to be quite interesting. Funny that the 3 teams I expected to be at the top are aparently falling by the wayside. Maybe it isn’t completely surprising that South Africa would fail once more, even though theory they have the best side. India seem to be having problems keeping teams down to decent totals. And it seems Murali’s powers are starting to wane. Heaven forfend that Australia should play England in the final!

  27. I am flagging a tad, this keeping up J’burg time with Sydney time is aging me more rapidly than my friends expected. Years of it is taking it’s toll. The rain at last night’s match, Ind V Au found me clunked out at some ungodly hour still clutching my green and gold rah rah pompoms.

    You can appreciate my rage this morning to find that both Ind and AU had been awarded a point, since India played like camels on Valium. Honestly, they were No Bloody Good At All. Still, They may have batted ok, but I doubt it, but that’s cricket!!.

    I am tempted to use some chemical enhancer to remain alert tonight for the ENG v NZ game, because nothing is nicer than watching the Gorgeous Vettori and his cunning field placements, the wicked Bond, et al, combined with the nuttiness of Shah and the wierdness of England’s fielding.

    3 and 1/2 hours to go, *already fuzzy*

    • i would expect a better contest between indian and australia when australia come to india. Aussies would encounter a better side with when zaheer khan and sehwag will be back. It will be test for the australian youngsters like Paine,fergusson and White as the indian youngsters had performed well in 2008.

  28. eek. Shah has reverted to his true self.. truly the stupidest whack you could ever hope to see, straight off Bond to Mc Cullum.. .

    Eng 14 for 3 6th over.

  29. That’s England!

    • I had the nagging feeling the South African game would be best described as England’s 1 in 10 game. I guess we’ll find out come the weekend.

  30. Either complete rubbish and yes Pepp, Shah reverted to form, or perhaps a cunning plan as explained on the OBO.

    Personally, I think it was England true to form and we’ll crash out gracelessly in the semis on Friday.

    However, England getting this far means the Beeb will cover the rest of the tournament which is a joy for UK license payers. And maybe 5Live will have to miss a European pointless bit of football.

  31. Looks like the last Ashes test may have done for M Hussey what it did for M Hayden in 2005. We might squeeze a year or two out of him yet.

  32. need 5 runs off 7 balls..

  33. au needs 4 runs from the final over…..

    Me and the dog are both chewing slippers.

  34. no run.. 4 from 5

  35. 3 to win from 4 balls

  36. no run.

  37. 2 runs from 2 balls.

  38. 1 run from 1 ball

  39. you bloody ripper, Horry.


  40. Awfully well done chaps. Or at least Lee and Hauritz. Lee seems to be nerveless in these type of situations.

    I wish I could say that I had been impressed with the Aussies even once in this tournament, but they have been no more than competent even when batting well (against India). And the middle order have been shite mostly. Our poor bowlers have to do so much work with the bat.

    I have a nasty feeling about the game against England.

    • What ever you think about the ICC awards – No Australian’s in the IDO team of the year is a fair reflection of where we are at I think.

  41. Lou
    I think we have to accept that being competent is good now, for Australia, it’s the best we can hope for. In time the champions will come, but for the moment, steady progress is what’s required, and is what is being delivered. Frustrating as hell, but that’s the way it is.
    Good foundations being built. Lots of pundits scratching their heads about Hauritz these days.
    Not the champion team they were, but all the contenders seem to have their share of problems too.

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