Posted by: nestaquin | October 6, 2009

Marvellous Shot, That!

The Benauds

The Benauds Happily Resplendent in their White, Cream, Ivory and Bone Jackets

Handing out white, cream, ivory and bone coats to the victorious Champions Trophy winners has garnered some criticism from some of the more cynical commentators on the Web but I for one applaud the ICC for their efforts in recognising the wit, humility and legend of Australia’s most loved former captain, Richie Benaud.

As you can see the current team are absolutely thrilled to have their spanking new coats which will undoubtedly be nicknamed Benauds within Australian cricket circles.

I’m told the Richie impressions were garnering many a laugh at the post match celebrations and that a tired and emotional Mike Hussey creatively added a Marvellous!! to every line in Under the Southern Cross while simulating every shot in the book with Ricky’s golden bat, much to the mirth of all involved.

You Bloody Beauty!


  1. ah they look soo good in their Benno’s, Nesta.

    And well done to SA for organising a super efficient and well run tournament, not everyone can do it, and even fewer can do it with such short notice.

    Ricky you Bloody Beauty.

  2. Shouldn’t they have introduced the jackets in twelve years time – The Champions Trophy of Chwenty chwenty-chew?

  3. What a great game, and a great team. I’m sure the English papers will be full of moaning about bullying Australian batsmen, boring middle overs etc, but for me it was pure determination and professionalism. What I like the most is that Australia wobbled in every game, but then held fast to come out on top. No magical bowling, no Warne-like, unplayable mystery, just fast yorkers that take out the stumps. Magnificent.
    Watson, consecutive tons to secure a win in the semi and final. We’re getting the pay-back for having been patient with him.
    Aside from the champion efforts, the little things are telling too, like Hussey holding a great catch and McCallum dropping his, these things determine the direction of the game.
    This is why ODI’s are far superior to 2020, there is still time for some narrative, second chances, changes of direction. It can be like a test match condesnced to a day.
    Shame the kwis had so many injuries, but staying fit is part of fielding a good team, and Aus had quite a few out too, they just had the bench strength to cope wih it. Good on them for making the final.

  4. They have been solid apart from Pakistan match and so were deserved winners. Watson was just about our player of the tournament in the last CT tournament as well.

    Nice to see Nathan Hauritz continuing to show a good quality bowling brain at top level. He is a particularly calm player it seems to me.

    Such a shame about Dan the Man though. When I heard that, it was like half the Kiwi team had gone missing and I really didn’t expect anything other than what happened after that. He rescued them consistently from wobbles and bowled really well up to his injury.

  5. I’d forgotten Hussey leads the team song. I guess they couldn’t really have dropped him from the Ashes team after all. Now I can understand it!

    Amazing how quickly they’ve recovered as a team from the loss of the greats and the loss of the Ashes. For all the criticism of Ponting’s captaincy, I think he deserves the highest praise for leading and inspiring the team through this rebuilding phase.

    I liked Pontings words after the Pak game, where he was talking about how the game can “creep up on you” if you don’t respect it enough. I think that attitiude is what marks the Aus team as excellent sportsmen.

    Great showing from the kiwis in this comp too.

  6. ….And, yeah, good to see Hauritz performing consistently well under pressure. Maybe all that chopping and changing with spinners was worth the trouble. (???)

  7. Thank God Hauritz didn’t play at The Oval.

  8. If Haydos was a selector God may have had a say in selection but as far as I know the gratitude should be directed towards Messrs Boon, Hughes, Cox, Hilditch and probably Ponting too. You can thank them that Brett Lee never played in that match either!

    Regardless England deserved their win and I hope they are in better shape than the 2006/07 defenders of The Ashes when they arrive DownUnder for the next contest.

  9. Re 2006-7, I think we will be in better shape come 2010 -11.

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