Posted by: nestaquin | December 14, 2009

Bellerive Turns on the Lights

Yesterday, my family and over 3000 other hardy souls attended the inaugural Day/Night cricket match at Bellerive Oval when Tasmania matched their skills against Western Australia in the Ford Ranger Cup. It was, according to the publicists and media, an historic occasion and the ground which hosted its first recorded cricket match 196 years ago probably never looked as spectacular.

I haven’t time to prattle grandly about how teenager Mitchell Marsh is a better cricketer than his brother Shawn or of Adam Voges’ obvious leadership potential. Nor can I write glowingly of how Luke Butterworth continues to forge a reputation as a big match player or of the unadulterated love the Tasmanian people have for Jason Krejza but what I can do is share some photographs of the night.

The next assignment for Tasmania is a three day match against Pakistan starting Saturday.


  1. Nice pictures…and glad you refrained from comparing players on such an occasion..

  2. Very impressive Nesta. I love cricket under lights, but it’s seldom dark enough in England.

  3. If you played at night it would be.

  4. Hi Nesta…. Great pics.. Could u please upload all the pics of that day in full resolution???

  5. Unfortunately Hari, there are over 100 images and I haven’t the time to fulfil your request. Perhaps I’ll stick them on Flicker in the New Year. Thanks for dropping by anyway. Merry Xmas!

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