Posted by: tootingtrumpet | December 31, 2009

The Strauss Tapes Part XXIII

Andrew Strauss - still smiling


“That an iPhone Belly? What else did you get for Christmas then, eh? Turn it off now. I said turn it off. What are you looking at anyway? Well you can watch it later if it’s on youtube. Hang on – you didn’t upload your own innings highlights package did you? For heaven’s sake Belly.”

“I’m pleased lads, very pleased. What brought that turnaround? I just can’t put my finger on it and neither can Colly, but I think that fast start to our innings had something to do with it – so you can stop smirking Cookie. You didn’t get it off the square until I had fifty and then I got the only decent ball the Saffers bowled in the whole match.”

“Trotty… KP that big score is coming, it’s just round the corner. If Cookie and Belly can get a ton, you two haven’t got much to worry about have you? You just need a bit of luck – Colly had plenty of luck in this match, most of it bad, eh Colly?”

“Matty – Those gauntlets weren’t a Christmas present were they? If they don’t fit, you can take them back.”

“Graham – sorry you didn’t get much of a go. You might get plenty of work soon. Tell him about Lord’s last time the Saffers were there Stuart. Monty was running in in his sleep. Understandable really – 23000 were asleep at Lord’s in that Test.”

“Swanny? Where’s Swanny? He’s not still doing interviews is he? Swanny!!”



  1. Happy New year Nesta.

  2. To you too Wasim and let’s hope for a more cohesive batting effort from your boys in Sydney.

    You’ll also be interested to know that I’ve just got back from a packed Bellerive where Rana Naved-ul-Hasan played a match winning role with bat, ball and in the field to get Tassie over the line in the T20 match tonight.

    It was a great night out for the family and a brilliant match that ebbed and flowed from start to finish. I’m anticipating the time when there is a fully fledged T20 competition Down Under because at the moment we only get two games at home a year which is too few. Perhaps the packed stadium will convince Cricket Australia to pull their fingers out and make it happen next season!

    • Wasim – Best wishes to you too sir!

      T20 is a great night out. It’s not the greatest cricket obviously, but as a spectacle, it’s top entertainment. Rana Naved’s game is ideally suited to it and I’ve seen him play a few times at The Oval and at Guildford against Surrey. His hair weave is even better than Sehwag’s or Bollinger’s!

    • I second that nesta – CricAus is proposing a domestic T20 window, which would be even better.

      Just got back from the Vic vs NSW game at the MCG. Huge crowd (by domestic standards) – probably 30,000. Not bad on a cold, potentially wet night for a game without any of the Australian team and minimal advertising. The attendance seems to have been a shock to the organisers who were in sore need of more ticket and food sellers. Was perhaps the most entertaining game of cricket I’ve ever been to as well. Looking forward to the Tassie game on the 15th.

  3. Happy New Year to you all !

    Got up early this morning only to watch Pakistani openers play with what felt like excessive caution at that time. Now, at stumps, they have a 200+ lead.

    What baffled me was that Siddle, Mitch and Bollinger were content to bowl short of length and just the one full ball per over.Some very tidy work by Haddin behind the stumps.

    SA’s innings came to an end within a few mins of the day’s play which I saw in the office cafeteria TV just now. Eng seems to find the men for the hour more regularly these days. And if Trott stays on for a few years, they have a good batting lineup to succeed even in the sub-continent.

    For the first time in my cricket watching career, Eng does seem to have a world class test side.Kudos to Strauss and Flower.

    • Didn’t see any of the cricket in Sydney today but yesterday Asif did the best impression of McGrath since the old fella retired. It was great bowling and I’m unsurprised that the Australian quicks couldn’t emulate it.

      I’m obviously biased but I suspect Hilfy would have bowled very well on that pitch. It is just like Bellerive in November.

      As for England, I’m impressed with their cricket under Strauss and not at all confident of Australia retaining The Ashes in 12 months time.

  4. I stayed an extra hour at home today after the 2 quick wickets by Mitch. Very happy for Australia, and feeling very sad for Pakistan at the same time. Height of stupidity to lose from such a strong position.

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