Posted by: nestaquin | January 6, 2010

The Gastronomic Delights of Aloo Gobi & Humble Pie

He Who Laughs Last Laughs Longest

All those armchair experts that ravaged Ricky Ponting after his decision to bat in Sydney can wipe the egg off their faces and pick the humble pie from their teeth this evening while they consider how to respond to their own very public inadequacies.

Each and every one of them failed to understand the history and nature of the Sydney Test and used Australia’s first innings collapse as yet another reason to stick the boot into a bloke that has won more Tests than any other man in the long and glorious history of the game.

I’m looking forward to reading their retractions and excuses in the mainstream and independent cricket press tomorrow morning as much as I’m anticipating eating my aloo gobi which I’m off to prepare now.

Some more detailed thoughts on where the match and series was won and lost will follow after digestion and a twilight dip.



  1. Nesta,

    While this is a great win, and no praise is too high for the Hussey & Siddle partnership, followed by Australia’s great bowling performance, I feel Pakistan contributed a lot to its own defeat. They couldn’t take the last two wickets, and then showed no maturity chasing a small total.

    Ponting choosing to bat first is still a mistake.It just shows the calibre of the team that they did not lose belief even after losing 8 wickets in the 2nd innings for a meagre lead.

  2. I don’t think anyone has egg on their faces at all. It would only have taken one of Kamran Akmal’s 3 Hussey drops on the 3rd day to have assigned Australia to a big loss. Great comeback however.

  3. No retractions here. I still think he was wrong to bat.

    • So do I and he can thank Kamran Akmal that we didn’t lose.

  4. Yeah l’m in a similar vein. Great comeback and gutsy stuff. But l don’t want to paper over the definite cracks from an Aus perspective.

    Very disappointing from Pakistan who had complete control of the game, quite literally, in their hands.

    • In terms of batting or not, l was more in agreeance with what Steve Waugh observed. Choosing to bat meant serious head down, grit. And some of the shots, and indeed quite a few innings over the last 12 months, were very irresponsible/millionaire stuff.

      • Yes, I don’t want to hear any of the delusional stuff accompanying this win.

        While it was very exciting, I feel that we were given the match by a team that does not have any confidence in its ability to win a match.

        In fact, it bothers me that this will be used to not examine a few things like the frailty of our middle order and the fact that it is usually our bowlers that are blamed for losses.

  5. I’m assuming that Nesta’s tongue was at least partially in cheek here. Extraordinary day’s cricket though, and being able to watch it on and off overnight was the only good thing to come from having a tooth that seems fit to explode.

    When the Channel 9 guys were flashing up scorecards of some of the previous sydney wins then it seemed like clutching at straws but Pakistan seemed somehow reluctant to try and take the last two wickets and fair play to the Aussies for taking every advantage. They may not be quite the team they were but history says you run a risk giving any Australian sports team a chink of light.

  6. if the greatness of pontings captaincy and egg on face thingy hinges on four dropped catches from kamran (i think 3 off hussy the highest scorer) then yes hats off to the captaincy of ponting…

  7. I still maintain that Siddle would have got that hundred if Hussey took all the runs of Siddle’s bat.

    Not sure about the egg on faces either, but for all those saying it would take only 1 Akmal catch to change the result, it could also be said it would take 1 aussie to pull his head in on the first day to make Pontings decision to bat first a non issue.

    Still am worried about North’s batting (at catching) and Siddle’s bowling at the moment (sophomore blues?). Maybe they could swap North and Ponting in the order and spin it that it’s to strengthen the middle order rather than to move Ponting out of the firing line. There is the very real possibility of North becoming the Australian Ian Bell.

  8. This win came despite, and not because, of Ponting’s blunder. No second question about that.

  9. I still don’t think it was the right decision. Australia spent the first day putting themselves on a hook, and Pakistan spent most of the next three letting them off, with a bit of resistance.

    Ponting’s decision is a fairly minor part of that one way or the other, and yes any knowledge of Sydney told you the game wasn’t over when some would have said it was. That doesn’t justify the choice.

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