Posted by: nestaquin | January 10, 2010

A Relic Restored

In a clandestine operation rivalling an American rendition, Ricky Ponting’s tatty Baggy Green is this weekend being repaired by the Edna Mole of Australian fashion, Myung Park.

Ms Park will be the only person allowed to touch the felt relic and utilising her skill as the region’s pre-eminent seamstress she will, with sharp needle and nimble fingers, include no new materials in the restoration.

It will be delivered under armed escort personally to Punter before the final Test of the summer later this week in Hobart and while it pleases my Mum, who is firm in her belief that when you take the field you should look your finest, and she has demonstrated this by spending many an hour diligently removing stubborn green and red stains from a variety of white materials, I think all the trouble is much ado about nothing.

For one, it isn’t even Ricky’s original cap which was stolen in Sri Lanka in 1999.

Secondly, after each win, and there have been plenty, the supposed iconic symbol  of Australian cricket is routinely drenched in beer as the players celebrate their success.

Australian society is very much a disposable beast and rather than have Ms Park cut her vacation short and have burly blokes traipsing down the Eastern seaboard handcuffed to a platinum case perhaps it would have been sensible and more charitable to give Ricky a new one and present the old to Glenn McGrath for auction to pay for a few more specialist nurses for our mums, nans, sisters, wives, daughters and aunties suffering with the fear and pain of breast cancer.

Although, I am fond of the Baggy Green and enjoy the romance of its status, it is hardly surprising a pragmatic approach to Ricky’s dilapidated headwear wasn’t forthcoming as it doesn’t fit with the myth carefully cultivated by the swarming and influential PR merchants currently in favour at Jolimont.

Be warned, the PR machine will be at full throttle at Bellerive and you’ll need a strong constitution to keep your breakfast down when Mark Nicholas & co. ram all the manufactured glory of the Baggy Green down your throats at the toss and beyond this Thursday.

So eat light and keep the mute button handy!



  1. Nicely written post, nesta.

    It is my habit now to never tune in before games start for any series world wide. I can find out about the toss on cricinfo without the accompanying crap.

  2. You’ve nailed MCJ Nicholas perfectly there Nesta!

  3. They had better not speak to Bill or Richie or Ian before the start of play, as they might start coming up with all sorts of stories that old timers love telling. Like how they got a fresh cap each tour and other such tales that obviously could never really have happened.

  4. I prefer Shane Warne’s iconoclastic view of the baggy green over the Tugga/Punter axis. Can anyone trust a man who rates John Williamson.

  5. I’ve just read some remarkable analyses at Knotted Paths of the Oz batting. So refreshing to see it presented like that. It just about backed all of my half-arsed theories about the Oz team recently.

    How depressing.

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