Posted by: nestaquin | January 20, 2010

IPL 2010: Resurrecting Damien Martyn

Most of the hype surrounding the IPL auction has been centred on Kieron Pollard and the snub of the T20 World Champions but the highlight for many Australian fans is the news that Damien Martyn will be digging his gear out of the back shed and heading over to join Shane Warne at Rajasthan.

It is a curious selection and my feeling is that Warne is rewarding another one of his mates with a seat on the gravy train but even if that is the case, it’s doubtful Martyn will be a liability if he gets a game.

While playing for the ICL World XI he topped the aggregates averaging a very healthy 39 at a strike rate of 105. But as David Barry pointed out in the comments he didn’t fare as well when turning out for the Rockets. Still, he appears lean and fit and even at 38 he would still be a superior fielder than the majority of players in the competition. So, on those numbers and at the lowest possible price he probably deserves his place.

There have been few players that have made batting look so easy and his silky off-side play, where he seems to momentarily make time stand still, is straight from the textbook and a purist’s delight.

However, if there is a concern it would have to be his shy, introverted personality.

The IPL by its nature is hyped to the DLF maximum and Damien, like many a Territorian, is the sort of bloke who prefers his team-mates and his batting to do the talking. I’m sure Warne knows this but if Martyn finds consistent form or plays an outrageous innings it could be difficult to avoid the intense spotlight of the Indian media.

Whatever happens it will be a pleasure to witness Marto stride out to the middle, take block and score a few runs again. If his stay at the crease includes his trademark square-drive, an inside-out loft after a skip down the pitch or the most delicate and latest of late cuts then the treat will be even sweeter.


  1. After watching Damien being part of the Ashes commentary on SBS I retract my original impression of shyness of the part of Marto. he LOOKS shy, that rabbit in the headlights stare but it’s all ticking behind the eyes .

    I can’t wait to see him stride out , either, Nesta. I maintain that Warnie put the rod of steel into Shane Watson during his season with the RajRoyals and we all have benefited, so I expect Marto, after a tour of Warne’s input to come out taking on Boon, Merv and Andrew with shafts of brilliant insight and rapier accuracy. Maybe even taking Warnie round the block a few times, who knows?

    I am so looking forward to seeing that fabulous Indian batsman, the tiny little fellow, Ashkodnar. The IPL is the only time I see him play, *glum*.

    • the tiny little fellow, Ashkodnar
      Did you miss the last IPL, Pepp? ;) Asnodkar was pretty useless. I was happy seeing him do poorly – his technique looks so loose, it was puzzling to see him score so often in the first IPL.

  2. I don’t think Warne has enough patience for the helping-mates-get-a-game thing, really. Although I think he engineered the bid for Mascarenas to give the ECB a bit of a raspberry but he didn’t run him on the field, either.

    I think Shane sees something in the cricketers he chooses that no one else picks up on. Watson, for example. Such has been Watson’s injury less run this season that I now wonder if Warnie really can lay royal hands on and cure scrofula as well. There is more to Warne than the stats protray!!

    If we could get him to lay hands on Shane Bond I’d be a very happy cricket spectator.

  3. I loved Marto between Mo and Magilla in the winter.

    If Warne was a Catholic Pell and his puppet Abbott would already have him up for a sainthood. What’s the criteria? Two miracles. Even disregarding all those miracles with the six-stitcher he’s cured Watson of perpetual injury and now resurrected Marto. So he is in the frame.

    I don’t think cricket has a Saint although every other walk of life seems to. Perhaps a campaign is needed.

    St. Shane, Patron Saint of Cricket has a nice ring to it I reckon.

  4. He performed very well in the last ICL averaging a healthy 31 at a strike rate of 167.
    This can’t be right. He was ordinary in the ICL.

    He averaged 12 in the 2007/8 edition, and 23 in 2008/9.

    He might have done better in the representative ICL matches played afterwards, but not well enough to get to the numbers you’ve given.

    • I found the numbers at If they are incorrect they are at fault. Perhaps I should find a more reliable source. Do you have a suggestion?

  5. Cricinfo’s stats tables are normally very good. This one gives his average in the 2008/9 ICL as 22.83, which is what it should be. Which page said he averaged 31?

    • The numbers were found on an article summarising Australian performances during the ICL. I’m at a different location so cannot check the browser history to find it. I’m a bit pressed for time but will check it out when I get home later tonight.

      What I’ve done for now is fixed the stats in the article and linked to the reference.

  6. I did see him play this last season, David. I could just watch Ashkodnar forever. Such panache.

    and Graeme Smith and Ash strolling out on to the field together is such risible comedy, it has Warne all over it. Loved it.

  7. Just for the pleasure to see him play…

  8. Any chance of Waugh Jnr coming back? Then we would have the two greatest stylists I’ve seen in the Baggy Green – okay, Greg Chappell too.

    St Shane? The Patron Saint of Texting?

  9. I read somewhere that Kevin is out of sorts ( and runs, because he is ‘trying for a family ‘… (??)… isn’t this something 99.99999 men can do dead drunk in a thunderstorm at 3am?

    I suppose Kev will need a barber, a podiatrist, a psychiatrist, a food taster, a basket maker, a tailor, a bootmaker, coaches without number for the intricate matters, which I wont go into here out of delicacy, and above all, the Brylcreem.

    I see that Kev is growing more hair to run the Brylcreem into, unfortunately it’s all over his face, so unattractive, surely, Strauss, before he takes his very very long ‘rest’ could have a simple word with Kev? Along the lines of smartening up in the conjugal area? It can’t be pleasant for Jessica to be confronted with this simian apparition at this time? Couldn’t Straussie text him something along those lines?

    England needs Kev firing away, apparently in all departments, so the sooner the better, Mr.Strauss.

  10. The Rajasthan Royals have been struggling to find a good batting line-up even with the likes of Smith, Mascarenhas etc, I think they even had Warne at number six a couple of times in the last edition. They’ve bought out Kaif, Quiney and Henderson’s contracts and I think Martyn has been drafted in to provide some much needed stability. He’s definitely capable of destructive innings in India.
    Does anyone have Bevan’s T20 stats? I know it was at the ICL that he retired from cricket once and for all, but he’s another Aussie who just dominated LOIs.

  11. In Australia, Michael Bevan retired before T20 cricket was introduced. However, his final seasons in Tasmania were very prolific and he was instrumental in the team winning both the 50 over competition and the Sheffield Shield/Pura Cup.

    I’m not certain but I didn’t think he was fit enough to play in the ICL even though he was offered a contract.

    I could be wrong and I’m hopeful David Barry will come on board with conformation or denial sooner rather than later!

  12. Bevan played two games in the ICL – I’m not sure what the story was, I think he was there in a coaching role but played a couple of games anyway. He scored 56 (53) and 22* (9) in those two games.

    I really doubt it’s worth IPL teams getting several-years-retired Australians to play for them though (this applies to Martyn as well as Bevan). The foreign players are almost all a class above most of the Indian domestic players. Given that you’re only allowed four foreigners, it’d be silly to play someone who’s probably over-valued at $100k.

  13. Martyn played very well against India on tour there when in the Baggy Green so there is probably some mileage in getting him into the team as the fans, or at least the ones that follow test cricket will know him.

    And just to watch him play a back-foot drive once…

    • He’ll look good in the middle and on the posters and TV ads.

  14. Simply love his batting.I am sure, even at 38, he will play at least 2 match deciding innings in the IPL.

    But I don’t think Warne has gone for the ‘do my friends a favour’ thing.Warne is probably counting on Marto to shepherd the innings (Kaif’s role in previous seasons) with a strike rate close to 100. The big hitters will have to go for their shots, even if some of the pitches tend to favor the bowlers.

  15. You need to watch the youngsters in IPL

  16. imagine.

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