Posted by: tootingtrumpet | July 14, 2010

Pakistan vs Australia First Test Day One

A young man with much to smile about.

During this short series, I hope to post six short observations – an over, if you will – on each day’s play, to which readers may wish to comment below the line. At 99.94, we always welcome readers’ views.

Ball One – Australia still have not solved last year’s batting problems against the swinging, seaming ball. This will be the fourth first innings in the last six Tests in England to terminate well below 300. It’s hard to win Tests from there.

Ball Two – Mohammad Aamir is the real deal… but Ishant Sharma looked the real deal a couple of years ago too. Pakistan should protect him on and off the field – they won’t.

Ball Three – Had an Umpire Decision Review System been in place, a number of key decisions would have been reversed. Katich would have gone early, Clarke would have been reprieved and Smith’s first Test innings would have lasted longer. Would it have mattered? In a match context, it’s probably even, so probably not.

Ball Four – North, Paine and Smith at 6, 7. 8 looks like a flat-track bullies parade. North and Paine didn’t look good enough to deal with some probing, but hardly unplayable, bowling and Smith was swan off.

Ball Five – Pakistan will have a huge advantage playing under English cloud with three seamers ideally suited to exploiting such conditions and who complement each other wonderfully well. It’s great to see Pakistan playing Tests, but perhaps Shahjah would be a “fairer” venue.

Ball Six – If an eighteen year-old dismisses the second highest run scorer in Test history, he’s going to be jumping about, excited. The second highest run scorer should cut him a little slack.

The Trumpet understands that the match may not be covered on the radio in Australia – please log on to for ball-by-ball coverage.



  1. A great first day. Let’s see if days four and five offer anything. Lord’s pitches do get easier and easier to bat on. Johnson got royally carted last year at Lords and I can see an Akmal having a go tomorrow.

  2. Bush – if the sun comes out, both Akmals could do a lot of damage if Johnson’s radar is off and Dougie and Hilfy don’t swing it. I expect both of them to go after Smith from ball one.

  3. I remember at the SCG both Dougie and MJ, after watching Asif pretty much dismantle the Aussies on the first day by pitching it up in bowling conditions, promptly bowled too short the entire first session second day. I wouldn’t put it past them to think that’s a good idea again.

    MJ won’t be as bad as last year. I don’t think that’s humanly possible. And he appears to have a bit more control over what he is doing these days.

    It will be interesting to see what Hussey can conjure tomorrow. He was looking like I have seen him look a zillion times in ODI’s in similar situations. He actually appears to enjoy this seat of the pants stuff.

    He’s much better down the order where he can sort it out with the tail. Being at 4 seems to make him think too much.

    • Lou – I’m sure MJ will be better, but with the forecast showing more cloud, these are conditions that demand control. Hussey looks very good – which makes the others (ex-Clarke) look even worse.

      • I think you are slightly unfair on Kat. You can’t judge him on whether he looks good or not, he is the expert at ugly batting.

        • Fair comment Lou – it’s “How many?” not “How?”

          • He’s at it again too. Honestly, I really think he is the only one in the whole bally line-up capable of concentrating from the get-go these days.

  4. One other thing. I bet Aamer is in for the long haul. He looks terribly, terribly competitive, has been effective so far in all formats (quite unlike Ishant Sharma) and a better comparison would be with Asif.

    For all Asif’s bonkers off-field behaviour, he is usually on the money on the pitch. Asif could do with some more speed for when he doesn’t get conditions in his favour, but there is no doubting his magnificent control over his bowling.

    Looks like Aamer has similar ability which for his age (whatever it is) is remarkable.

    • Asif is a class act – on the field. Aamer looks like a teenager in real life – I just fear for what the chaos that surrounds Pakistan will do to him.

  5. Any ideas on the crowd today ? I read they were charging 30 quid. It should be a tenner. Spirit of Cricket and all that.

    • Twenty quid – to cover the stewarding and security. That’s what I paid at Wimbledon.

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  7. By the looks of his talk he looked a bit mature but some of his actions are suspicious, i just hope this current management will took hold of him.

    When Asif was getting loose off the field it was terrible management with a special lazy man in charge Inzi.

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