Posted by: tootingtrumpet | August 23, 2010

Yes – It’s Ashes Bingo!

Please feel free to add to this list below the line.

… Strauss seeking to make history.

… first ball set the tone.

… he’ll be hoping it doesn’t go to second slip.

… Swann is the key.

… outcaptaining Ponting.

… without McGrath and Warne.

… mentally weak.

… it happened to Ravi Bopara.

… but the Kookaburra ball.

… but can he do it overseas?

… the Australian coaching England’s bowlers.

… has this generation of batsmen come to an end?

… since he’s vice-captain, the selectors have a problem.

… in for the injured Hilfenhaus.

… late order runs were crucial in 2009.

… looking to avenge the disastrous 2006-7 tour.

… 5-0… McGrath.

… learned their cricket on the hard wickets of South Africa.

… offering to reverse.

… not quite in the numbers we’ve seen on recent tours.

… that Pom Mark Nicholas.

… is it time to replace Hauritz?

… Steven Smith is the one to miss out.

… both sides lost a Test recently to Pakistan.

… England’s many backroom staff.

… looking for form.

… apart from Pietersen’s niggle, England’s squad are all fit and available.

… the match referee will want to look at that.

… this aggressive throwing has crept into the game.

… neither side will want to take a backward step.

… Strauss looking pensive on the balcony.

… and that’s Cook’s fifty. He hasn’t looked in form, but he’s still there.

… they’ve done their homework, and that’s an interesting field set for Katich.

… Swann enjoys bowling to left-handers.

… and that’s the 25th time he’s taken a wicket with the first ball of his spell.

… surely the selectors will have to look at Hughes and Jaques with Watson out?

… Ponting is forward to that.

… playing with hard hands.

… what we call, hitting the bat hard.

… will remember the pitch at The Oval in 2009 when the positions were reversed.

… so Warnie? “I think they’ve got to play positively here and be aggressive”.

… a mixed reception there for Man of the Match Stuart Broad.

To be continued.



  1. I like this game. Couple to start with:

    … just the way he plays

    … Nassar Hussein chose to bowl first

  2. “Ricky Ponting’s questionable decision to bat first…”

    • that one only applies to blighty

  3. ..a series between two teams who play better at home than overseas.

    …Ponting’s recent weakness to the rising ball.

    ..going into the chase, Pietersen is the key for England.

    …Collingwood and Morgan did not mind the defensive field settings from Ponting.

    ..Strauss’ inexplicable decision not to use Swann till the nth over. utterly forgettable day for Haddin/Prior behind the stumps.

    ..just goes to show that UDRS is not perfect as the third umpires are prone to mistakes as well.

    …and KP just walked !

  4. Keep ’em coming gentlemen!

    … and Strauss does seem to be getting more from the UDRS than Ponting.

    … and the crowd don’t like that one, but under the rules, it’s the correct decision.

    … Pietersen run out 0 and England are in a bit of trouble here.

    … next to go was Hussey, who left a straight one from…

    … well there’s one referral left, so they might as well use it.

    … Sky Sports apologises to anyone offended by Ian Chappell’s comments.

  5. “aww look…..”

  6. “mental disintegration”

    “LBW b Swann”

  7. – Michael Clarke is their best player of spin.

    I’m not going to do this anymore, it will put me off watching or listening to the Ashes.


  8. Oh, no I have Tony Grig’s voice in my ears.

    – Johnson doesn’t drop those.

  9. Lou – I apologise for provoking Tony Greig to get inside your head!

    “… Got ‘im!”

    • That’s Griggy.

  10. “England will look to Broad to rediscover that line and length he found at the Oval”

    “Cook/North must be feeling the pressure from the selectors now”

    “Hauritz will hope for some greater success at the SCG”

    “Matt Prior’s counter-attacking style”

    “Eoin Morgan’s a very difficult man to set a field to”

    Or any reference to Mike Hussey’s average c. 2007/8

  11. “What a Cricketer!”

    “Australia are on fire here at the Gabba”

    “Its 0-196 and Strauss & Cook are toying with the Australians”- Wait a minute that one happened already.

  12. “Start the car!”

  13. who we are

    where we come from

  14. “… a mixed reception there for Man of the Match Stuart Broad.”

    Got to disagree with that one, I don’t think there will be anything mixed about Broads reception.

  15. “With an injured Stauss set to miss the first Test, Captain Cook takes the helm. Will he prove to be The Discovery of Australia?”

    “England may well be regretting the decision to leave Morgan at home.”

    “And that’s Johnson’s 18th wide this spell.”

    “Well, as Warnie always says, the corridor of uncertainty is what happens when the coach hits a speed bump on the way to the ground.”

  16. ‘Plenty of rattle out there, as Trott marks out his guard’

    ‘Eoin Morgan’s temperament…’

    ‘Watson: lbw b Anderson’

    ‘England looking a little flat now the shine has gone’

    ‘On that unusually dry pitch at the Oval…’

    ‘Cook: c Haddin b Hilfenhaus’

    ‘Bresnan’s bringing the drinks out’

    ‘Strangely defensive field from Strauss’

  17. And with that single, Broad goes to his maiden Test century…


  18. …It’s a glorious day here at [insert ground name] with not a cloud in the sky

    …Anderson has found no movement with the Kookaburra ball what-so-ever this morning

    …this attack is all a bit same-y at present

    …That really was a regulation drop by Watson/Collingwood

    …He really does not like the ball in that area

    …that world cup final in the West Indies

    …He received his new baggy green this morning from fellow New South Welshman…

    …this limited edition print, signed by [anyone] to commerate [nothing special] is available now for $799…

  19. Jim – that last one is cruelly true!

    off mic “… well that’s the kind of thing that the Anti-Corruption Unit would be taking a look at… if it weren’t The Ashes.”

    “… cricket’s been under a cloud since the English summer.”

    “… it was Ishant Sharma who first troubled Ponting with that line.”

    “… Katich was dropped by Pietersen at gully.”

    “… Ponting is clearly infuriated by that as he believes that the ball carried.”

    “… After inexplicably waiting for Bowden to give him out caught at second slip, Strauss was replaced by Trott.”

    “… with happy memories of his debut century at The Oval.”

    • I thought the second one was the cruelly true one!

      one more

      …Ponting is not amused. He is giving it the double tea pot…

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