Posted by: tootingtrumpet | September 3, 2010

ICC News Conference Suspensions of Butt, Asif and Amir

Lord Paul Condon (ex-Head of ICC ACSU) and current Head of ICC ACSU Sir Ronnie Flanagan

I tweeted the main points and my thoughts as the conference happened this lunchtime (UK time). Here are those tweets.

Flanagan – “Players required to report approaches to ICC ACSU”. So it’s a positive duty. A breach of the Code of Conduct if they don’t?

Stupid question asking why the NotW brought stuff to light. Governing bodies can’t act like journos.

Flanagan – ICC can’t stop all possibilities of things like this. Another stupid question asking about likelihood of criminal charges.

Flanagan – all charges relate to the Lord’s Test. This probably explains Kamran not being considered for charge. No mention of Sydney.

Flanagan – Pak’s Aus tour dysfunctional, but no evidence that it was for gain. Dealt with previously by Lord Condon. Intel was available.

More stupid questions that relate to subjudice material and information privileged to players and lawyers. Ask about ICC’s view of agents.

Journos know nothing about the law, due process and the rights of those charged with offences under the law or Code of Conduct.

Good question at last about players under investigation not being suspended. Flanagan dodges it. What is the tipping point for suspension?

Lorgat – now says that proof is required for suspension – clearly it isn’t or Butt, Asif and Amir would be guilty now.

If new evidence re Pak in Aus comes up, it will be investigated, but none included in the charges today.

Lorgat – spot-fixing not widespread, but Flanagan said that there was a lot of intel available. Flanagan- sport betting needs global reg

Very close contact between Police and ICC ACSU. Info shared under a formal protocol – parallel investigations. Material shared.

Flanagan – All international cricketers have been through educational programme – some three of four times. Amir has had education.

Lorgat – Sympathy for Pak re home cricket and exclusion from IPL. ICC to support Pak FTP fixtures

Flanagan – ICC burden of proof minor offences bal of prob; serious cases (like these) beyond reasonable doubt. ICC likes WADA for gambling

Flanagan uneasy about Condon quote about spot-fixing being a “rash” and the view now that it is not widespread. Not answering question now.

Flanagan earlier said there was no tipping point re suspension, now he says that a threshold was reached yesterday hence suspension

Flanagan – ACSU needs to examine its structure to see if it can do the job with which it is charged. No answer on powers re agents.

Lorgat – non-committal on registration of agents. Surely agents must be registered after this!

My overarching impression is that Lorgat and Flanagan were caught in a cleft stick – they had to say that the players were not guilty, bu that the evidence before the ICC was strong enough to suspend them. They also had to say that spot-fixing was not widespread, but that they had a lot of intelligence about it. No wonder they were 45 minutes late starting!


  1. Top Tweeting Toots!

    Hope you did all that twittering on a keyboard. If I did that much on a phone I’d be an arthritic and myopic mess!

    And for those with the time and interest here is a link to the ICC anti-Corruption Code for Players and Player Support Personnel. Section 3 on Proof and Evidence is especially illuminating.

  2. I can’t work phones at all!

  3. This was most useful as I was unable to listen in.

    I’m still struck by the assertion that spot-fixing is not widespread. I remember being struck a few years ago when one of the top golf officials said “we don’t need drug testing because golf doesn’t have a drugs problem”. In a sense they were right, no testing equals no failed tests, and that means there’s not a problem. I can’t help but see this in the same light.

    As you have said, Governing bodies can’t act as journos, and to really go deep and expose this sort of thing you have to get your hands dirty, as per the NotW. If they say spot fixing is not widespread it indicates they have intelligence about how much is going on. If that’s true then did they have any suspicions about this match in advance? If they did then that should be made public, as should other games they have concerns about. If they didn’t then they have to admit that they cannot possibly know the scope of spot fixing.

  4. Perc – that analysis of yours is correct. They can’t say that the game is institutionally crooked, so they have to say that spot-fixing is rare, but they can only have evidence of its presence, not its absence, so how do they know?

  5. Gideon Haigh

  6. Cricket, you are seriously testing my love for you right now. Another straw on the camel’s back.

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