Posted by: tootingtrumpet | October 4, 2010

India vs Australia First Test Day Four

For Billy.

The “final over” of the day.

Ball One – Fast bowling is never an easy way to make a living and tougher on the sub-continent than anywhere else. It’s tougher still if you waste wicket-taking deliveries by over-stepping the crease. Twice in this match, Ishant Sharma has been denied wickets by no balls with the Australian captain and vice-captain the men reprieved. Getting some part of the foot behind the line isn’t difficult; getting wickets is.

Ball Two – Is Michael Clarke quite right? He sits in the middle of a brittle middle -order and was “out” twice in ten minutes today. Neither dismissal was good – the uppish clip to mid-wicket is something England have worked on and Clarke obliged (but it was a no ball); the flinching, hands-high, head turned reaction to a steepling short ball was something new and will not go unnoticed by Stuart Broad and Steven Finn.

Ball Three – The umpires have got a lot right in this match, but seem to be getting hung up on one of their easier jobs – calling no balls. No part of umpiring is straightforward, but you either see some boot behind the line or you don’t and call no ball. There is no judgement involved, but pressure can do strange things to umpires as much as it does to players.

Ball Four – Simon Katich (currently36 from 111 balls) is batting the result out of the game. That has to be right given the time still left and the narrowness of the Australian lead – to say nothing of Marcus North as next man in. The Trumpet is no fan of playing for the draw, but there are times when you have to sit in the game and make sure you don’t lose it before you have the chance to try to win it.

Ball Five – Pragyan Ojha waited more than 60 overs for his first wicket. He bowled well and in other matches would have had five victims. Patience is a wonderful virtue for a spinner, but penetration is even better!

Ball Six – Mike Hussey is becoming Australia’s Paul Collingwood. He’s given excellent service but is showing signs of fatigue as he approaches the end of his career. Like Colly, Hussey seldom looks really in these days and is finding lots of ways to get out, including a very poor decision today.

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  1. Hussey’s decision was completely unexpected from a man of Ian Gould’s calibre.

  2. Toots,

    I think this match has come alive only now !

  3. It’s alive all right! I fancy India to chase anything under 250.

    • Agree. It is still not a difficult pitch to bat on. But India would still need Sehwag, Dravid and Sachin to fire. The edge will be with Aus if the lead crosses 250.

      • Well the lead is under 250. I have India as slight favourites if VVS is incapacitated. Should be good.

  4. Toots,

    VVS will come in to bat in case of an emergency, but if it comes to No.10 and 11 to finish the chase, Oz will surely win.

    This pitch is slightly different from the earlier Mohali ones. But, the highest 4th innings score is around 250, and I don’t remember any team scoring more than 200 in the 4th innings chasing a win.

  5. The umpiring has completely collapsed!

  6. Terrible umpiring all round.

    Given that the highest ever chase here is 144, why the confidence that India would manage 250? One thing that we know about this Aus team is that they won’t give it up easily.

  7. gg – I’m with you. Indian confidence is misplaced. This will be very tough.

    • gg,

      I am an Indian and I am not very confident :)

      The other GG should still have been batting though.Horrendous umpiring in this test match.I could say serves BCCI right for not wanting UDRS, but then again even the third umpire made a blunder yesterday :)

  8. Ignore the media, ignore 20/20, ignore it all. Just watching this contest, the game itself, reminds me of all that l love about test cricket. The nuance, the effort, the thought, the skill, the nerve. Wonderful, wonderful game! A gripping away test especially.

  9. Agree, Japaljarri, a real ebb and flow Test. Can’t but wonder if Watson’s bowling mightn’t prove crucial at some point tomorrow.

  10. Looks like India doesn’t want to play tomorrow.Will be a sudden finish to a good test match if the rest of the lineup folds like the top order.


  11. Well, it looks like Watto won’t need to bowl. It all rests with the little genius now, doesn’t it?

  12. Yes, this Test cricket isn’t a bad format is it?

  13. I like it a lot. I sometimes think that following a Test is a bit like it must have been for Homer’s original listeners. Lots of time, things unfold slowly, sudden bursts of action, everyone has their own favourite heroes, come back tomorrow for more.

  14. its all in the pitch. To have some juice in it on the 4th day for the pace bowlers is a rarity in the sub-continent. and those wickets with the short balls changed the course of the match one-way or the other…amazing see-saw effect..can only be seen in the 5-day game.

  15. Bloody hell Australia. They have a sniff and regardless of the umpires they have got wickets by bending their back. Hilfenhaus is a great bowler and hais fitness or otherwise will be a major factor in the ashes.
    Will not be setting my alarm but bill be intrigued to see how it ends up. I say oz by 40 runs.

  16. Harbhajan and Zaheer are real fighters, it’s going to be an interesting final day.

  17. Laxman’s obviously decided to go for his shots, before the painkillers wear off, I guess.Gives an opportunity to Oz to take him out, but if he stays on till lunch, India would have come very close to the target.

    A battle out there !

  18. That was an unnecessary shot to play !

    Sachin falls and another 97 runs to score.VVS can’t attack now, so it is upto Dhoni to settle in quickly and keep the score ticking.

    Or may be it is all over now..

  19. This is good isn’t it?

    • It is more than good, Toots !

      I expected Sachin and Dhoni to battle it out, but to have VVS batting the way he is doing, and Ishant (of all the people) giving him admirable company !

      • 27 to get. l can’t stay mad at Laxman. We love him, very hard won respect – but stays earned.

        • He’s a monster against us, isn’t he? What does playing Australia do to him?

  20. Ishant is an example of the importance of the size of the fight in the dog rather then the size of the dog in the fight.

    • Ain’t he just, toots.

  21. * c’MONNNNNNNNNNNN Ricky!.


    * the agony of test cricket!!

  22. 13 runs to win!!


  23. Damn! F5! F5! F5!

  24. a WICKET!!!


    you bloody beauty!!!

  25. 1 wicket left, 11 runs to get for India..

  26. Hilf’s the man, right enough. I love Test cricket.

  27. what an absolutely fabulous test match!!

  28. Crickinfo’s refusing to update for me, damn.

  29. 6 runs 1 wicket left

  30. 2 runs, 1 wicket left

  31. Got it on vcricket; that Laxman is something, isn’t he?

  32. Well done, India.

  33. ah congratulations INdia, well played Australia, an excellent mesmerising Test match…

  34. A win for Cricket (at last!). And for India…Tie would have been nice.

    • A tie would have been the perfect result, Japal !

      But I am not complaining of course :)

      This is the second test match in succession that VVS guided India to a win ! A 4th innings century against the Lankans on a turning 5th day pitch and now, this effort. Words can’t express my gratitude to him for being such a fine servant for India, and more importantly for Test Cricket.

      • Wonderful player. Imperious today. As gutsy as he is sublime, which is often overlooked. Great 2nd innings record.

  35. fantastic Test. Punter let down a bit by Dougie and Hauritz. Very close call for the LBW, but if there is doubt about the edge, it has to go to the batsman.

    • Where the hell was Hauritz? What’s he in the team for?

    • In all my excitement about the Indian batting, I didn’t notice Punter’s captaincy much. Any thoughts, Toots? The margin shows he tried his best, though.

      • He still won’t support his bowlers enough it seems to me. Too conservative.

  36. Great for a young inexperienced Aus team to come within a hair’s breadth of doing the impossible. As usual they never gave up, but they got their just desserts for their terrible second innings batting.
    Sharma cool as a cucumber, legendary!

  37. North has to go. Ferguson can’t get back to full fitness and into this Test side fast enough. Hauritz biding time at best. Play Smith instead? Might not win here but lets build our next side – which Hauritz and North certainly won;t be a part of.

  38. North and Hauritz probably should go, Paine should stay. Is Mitch now a batting allrounder?

    • Yep like Paine long term. There is some very serious talent around – Hazlewood l like alot, Ferguson, Khawaja. Mitch Marsh? Pattinson? Will be very strong again in a few years but in a tough transition phase. Play the kids for mine ahead of North, Hauritz etc but l might still be in footy phase and yet to successfully change my brain over.

  39. Congrats India. Great game.
    WTF is going on with the umpiring?

    • Once the dust settles, the umpiring will be the big story from this Test. Billy B stopped being amusing a long time ago, now he’s just a joke.

      • I’m all for giving the umpires a break and accepting the odd crook one, but once it drops below a certain standard it just ruins the game. They were both struggling with straight forward LBWs, and Billy especially seemed to be just guessing them.

        I didn’t get to see the replay of Ohja’s – was it as plumb as it looked, or did he really hit it, like Billy claims?

        Whatever the case, Sharma should’ve been there at the end, and it would have been a disaster for the game if that dreadful decision had’ve cost India the game.

        I think the ICC really needs to sort this issue out. My suggestion would be using 11 umpires for each game, and when one makes an unnacceptable error, he’s simply dismissed!

        (Sure, it would be a bit expensive, but if the English can afford 44 team assistants, then there should also be enough money in the game for 11 umpires!)

  40. Yep very poor. For both sides.

  41. Still, a half ton of comments on here is nice to see :-)

  42. GM, yes I suppose it would have been just for Sharma to be there at the end, but if that decision had cost India the game, it would have been just one more in a series. Although Hussey’s decision was 24hrs earlier, you could say it cost Aus the game, as another 30 odd runs would have seen us safe. I don’t think North hit the ball either, but he was given out caught, probably also costing us the game and maybe him his career.
    Both sides suffered more or less equally. Gambir’s was unbelievable.

    Anyway despite that, and despite the loss, I’m happy Aus competed so well, and impressed the seamers got such good results out of an Indian pitch. Would be nice to have a spinner in the team though. I know we’d lost when Ponting turned to North.

    • Yep, both sides were equally disadvantaged by the umps, and of course in such a neck and neck battle over 5 days each stuff up can turn the game. I was glad to see that at least the deciding moment wasn’t decided by Billy Bowden.

      All in all, the Aus team look a bit more solid that last season, albeit in a rather shakey way. I’d much rather see Smith in there learning few lessons and maybe costing a few runs, rather than North or Hauritz.

      Clarke needs to pick up a bit, and Hussey may well be a spent force. His and Clarke’s runs were missing in this match.

      Any thoughts on Punter’s captaincy?

      • North is an extremely unlucky player. For that reason on top of his all or nothing performances, we need to get rid of him. You know what Napoleon said about generals.

        Hauritz was innocuous, but I expected that. Whan has an Aus spinner performed in India? Warney couldn’t. Problem with him is that unless the batsmen are Pakistan lunatics out to throw away their wickets, he’s never going to take wickets when we need them.

        We were always dependent on our quicks to do the damage, but I wasn’t hopeful and bugger me, they nearly won the match for us.

        I’m really impressed with them.

  43. I’d say the Hussey decision was the turning point that won this match, and it was just unforgiveable.

    Still, this Australian team looks better than I expected; really looking forward to the next Test (and the Ashes).

  44. What surprised me was how good the umpiring was in the first half of the Test and how bad in the second half. I think the pressure just got to them.

    • Spot on. They were genuinely excellent the first three days, but it has been such a seesawing match that I think they, like everyone else, were just knackered from the stress of having to concentrate so bloody hard.

      What a match though. Man, what a match. Don’t even feel that bad about being beaten.

      Partly due to never expecting to win while VVS is still standing and because I thought our bowlers did a sterling job.

      The quicks anyway. Hilfy is such a worker, never stops going and Johnson beat the bat a lot and got a cracker turned down in the end. Unlucky with Bolly going down but it was an injury laden match for both sides.

      Punter’s captaincy was poor, but like the VVS thing, that’s expected. Mohammed Yousuf was given the bird by all and sundry for doing exactly the same thing at the SCG. Not even trying to get a batsman out while batting with the tail.

      Clarke really did look like he wanted to get out, didn’t he? I wondered what had happened just before he came onto the pitch. He wasn’t there at all.

  45. The quick bowlers and Tim Paine are the real pluses out of this match.

    But we all know who will get dropped for the Ashes.

  46. I didn’t think Ponting’s captaincy was so bad. There weren’t too many bowling changes I thought “why him”, except North at the end, (which I admit is a pretty big exception) and he kept fields as attacking as he could in the circumstances. Sharma was especially hard to attack, as he was pretty defensive and pretty cool while still tapping the ball around. No indication of how he was going to get out. (As compared to Aus batsmen facing the spinners in their second innings, where there was no indication how they were going to score a run).

    Ponting’s biggest error was not thowing the ball to Warne, we would have cruised home if he had.

    • But Fred when a tailender is looking good, you can’t just target him. Yousuf was criticised for trying to only get Siddle out at the SCG. It didn’t work at the SCG and it didn’t work here. It would have been nice to see some attempt to make Laxman think a bit harder.

      But considering it is Laxman, it probably would have made stuff all difference to the result.

    • One other thing, I’m sure most Aussies were thinking Clarke, not North. Considering Clarke’s record at bowling at Indian players. That was odd.

      • Yousef at SCG had the boundaries loaded; it was ridiculous, or fixed. Ponting generally had two or three slips, and a few others in catching positions, not sure what else he could have done. But maybe smarter cricketers than me can say.

        Yes, North should have behind Clarke, and probably Katich too.

  47. I’m being a bit harsh on Punter. We don’t have the cattle we used to.

  48. Phew!! What a game. Tests are alive and well. I cannot say the same about myself when the game was going.

    Thats why he will always be the divine VVS. Towards the end there calm ol’ VVS let a couple of expletives fly at young Ojha and. here is the best part, apologized to him soon after. How can you not like the man?? Viva VVS

  49. Indian hair has its own inherent advantages: it is simultaneously thin and strong. The hair comes from Indian widows, who are required to shave their heads, and then put through an osmosis process where the color pigment is removed.

  50. What was that from Peter?

  51. The upcoming tour between India vs Australia will be the best one ever. Time for India to prove themselves

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