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First Ashes Test Day Three – The Final Over of the Day

H and H send England into Intensive Care

Ball One 11.45pm – Hussey, given out LBW by Aleem Dar, is reprieved by the UDRS, since the ball is shown to pitch outside leg stump. Though I am a fan of the UDRS, I am not convinced that the ball covers as much of the turf as the system shows – surely a hard ball only kisses the turf and does not compress on impact to cover its circumference? Hence, this element of the system favours the bowler.

Ball Two 12.37am – The two Hs have struggled through as tough a first hour as they will get in their careers, but hold their wickets intact. Theirs is the kind of bloody-minded cricket, rooted in years of experience, on which Australia have built cricket teams since, what, 1877? They rode their luck, but it happens too frequently for such stands to be mere fortune.

Ball Three 2.05am – Some will say England have been unlucky, but luck has always been in the game (never more so than in 2005). It is what you do with the luck that defines greatness or otherwise. And Hussey and Haddin have played wonderful cricket in building one of the great stands in Ashes history.

Ball Four 3.00am – Three or so weeks ago, the Australian selectors had a number of big calls to make. With Michael Hussey out of form for a long time, they could have whistled up Calum Ferguson or Cameron White; having impressed with the gloves and bat during Haddin’s injury lay off, Tim Paine could have been retained (and withdrawn from the match that saw him injured); and Siddle could have got the reverse nod that went to Bollinger. Given those judgements, we can expect Doherty to finish off England with 8-34.

Ball Five 3.19am – As Hussey rescues his career and puts his team into an impregnable position, Swann must reflect on his decision to stand exactly where he did at second slip when Hussey faced his first ball. Had he stood a pace closer, matters may well look quite different now. All over the world, I feel slips stand at least a pace too deep – you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.

Ball Six 3.30am – The style may be different, but in shot selection, concentration and use of the crease, Michael Hussey has reminded me of Brian Lara. Does praise come any higher?

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  1. Pressure makes diamonds etc etc.

  2. Mike Hussey talked last night of freeing his mind etc. Makes me think he’s decided that this will be his last series.

  3. A 307 run partnership. Hells Bells. Now it is time for the Boot Camp training to come in for England. This is a team game, do it for your mates.
    In their recent great escapes England have batted for 141 overs at Cape Town and the spinner (Harris) took 3-80. At Cardiff for 105 overs and the spinner (Hauritz) took 3-67. Playing against average spinners made England’s escapes possible and Doherty on dayboo should not scare England and we need to bat until half way through day 5. I am not confident. This is the Gabbatoir.

  4. i get the feeling for ball tracker they are reusing the system from tennis

  5. Pete – it does. Shatters glass too.

    Jim – Unless he becomes captain?

    Bush – Lose no more than two wickets per session and we have a chance. Slim, but a chance.

    Golandaaz – This Virtual Eye does feel as right as Hawkeye, but maybe it’s just new. The predicted path of Broad’s LBW was strange, but I’ve no quibble with the dismissal.

  6. I just don’t have the words to express my admiration for what Hussey did yesterday. Utterly inspirational.

    In a broader sense, the bad news is that maybe England are a bit better than I was prepared to give them credit for, Anderson especially. The good news is that even their best wasn’t good enough. This apparently second rate Australian team knocked off Englands finest for 260 and then racked up 500. Lets not forget that even the great team that has recently retired was not robotic, people failed, but someone else put up their hand, just as Hussey and Haddin did yesterday.

    On a lighter note, the only thing more satisfying than seeing Australian batsmen finding the boundary in the Ashes, is seeing Englishmen drop catches and misfield. The Broad strop is just the cream on the cake. I reckon one more poor innings from KP will really see the temperature rise.

    • This team show their feelings, but they are very together and won’t disintegrate. KP got a poor score – different to a poor innings.

      • I somehow contrived to find myself in England for the first two days. Not a bad thing in itself, but meaning that when I tried to log on to my Cricket Australia high quality video feed from an English location, I was told to piss off, no coverage for you sonny jim. Reduced to poor quality Indian internet stream, but nonetheless, the difference in class when KP came to the crease was striking. The striking clarity and purposefulness in his batting reminded me of Gilly. Thank God he only made 40. However, we all know this man is loaded with talent, but also lots of other baggage. At this point, it remains to be seen if his talent will surpass his baggage.

        Got home Friday night and finally has some clear video, saw Swan for the first time. This man who is apparently a “character” actually appears to be a complete and utter git. I guess I can’t complain, since we inflicted Warne on the world.

        Anyway, I’ve had a warm glow all day, despite lack of sleep, from the Hussey performance.

  7. I tried to get CA’s coverage a few years ago, only to be told it is not available in Germany. So I make do with an illegal stream. Probably a good thing coz it’s already hard enough to force myself to go to bed at lunch (3am).

    Yeh, the poms aren’t anywhere near as bad as the figures might suggest, nor are Aus as strong. But I expect it will have knocked a bit of wind out of them. Was impressed with Anderson, and unimpressed with Broad – especially his attitude – but what’s new. Ian Chappell reckons he just needs a good kicking when he carries on like that. At least we don’t have to put up with that idiot Sidebottom screaming at anyone smaller than him.

    I expect Pieterson to cause trouble. He is clearly a class above any of the bowling Aus can throw at him. Congrats to the ECB for dumping him as captain and ripping his heart out in the process. They certainly cut his ego about with that, which I suspect was their motive in some twisted semi-conscious way. But it also sapped him of a lot of strength and motivation.

    I actually thought Hussey should have been dropped even before the Ashes in England, but I won’t complain after that knock, even if he cost us the last series. I can also understand the selectors gambling on him. I don’t know why they’ve been gambling on North. And I already think they should just send poor old Mitch somewhere else. He always tries his heart out, but I just don’t want to see him bowling to KP too many more times this series.

    • The mysteries of international media rights. Available in France but not Germany.
      Agree, the captaincy debacle seems to have cut him off at the knees.

  8. KP vs MJ might be crucial today.

    • If Johnson hasn’t been told to extract a digit or else then I’d be amazed.

      Is Kipper in the same boat?

  9. Eng look pretty settled, stable and competitive to me. Has taken some extraordinary efforts from Aus to push in front from only 3 players. Going to be very close series.

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