Posted by: tootingtrumpet | December 4, 2010

Second Ashes Test Day Two – The Final Over of the Day

Doug the Rug getting a little hotheaded about things.

Ball One 12.17am – In the midst of a manic start, Australia missed the chance of a run out when Xavier Doherty failed to hit the one stump of which he had sight. At point, Michael Clarke (I think) ran in towards the stumps and stopped – to back up the throw. Had he continued up to the stumps, he may well have collected the throw and removed the bails to run Trott out by yards. Fielding has improved beyond recognition, but not all throws hit the stumps and the modern trend for fielders not getting into the stumps to gather throws is costing easy wickets all over the world.

Ball Two 12.44am – Nobody will ever convince me of the justice in allowing overthrows when the thrown ball hits the stumps. What can the wicketkeeper do about that? How can the field prepare itself for the ricochet? It doesn’t happen often, but it shouldn’t happen at all.

Ball Three 1.15am – What has happened to Shane Watson’s bowling? Against Pakistan and India recently, he looked a genuine fifth bowler, but he looks stiff, unenthusiastic and (dangerous though it is to say at this stage) rubbish. Colly is pretty ordinary these days, but not as ordinary as Watson on this showing. Surely Marcus North is a better option? .

Ball Four 3.00am – Rather like the economists and politicians who believed they had abolished boom and bust, there were advocates of the Australian system who believed that Grade and Shield structure had immunised their cricket from the ebb and flow of talent production. It’s only a day and a half into the Second Test after a drawn First, but the evidence is clear that the best eleven cricketers Australia can field are short of the talent required to win Test matches consistently. Notwithstanding the result of this series, it might be time for Aus to skip a generation and invest in Steve Smith, Tim Paine (as batsman / captain?) and Peter George. Are they good enough? The current lot certainly aren’t.

Ball Five 3.40am – Englishmen in their forties will remember Stephen Waugh just batting and batting in 1989 and thinking “Where did that form come from?” Alastair Cook will be baffling Australians in the same way now. Whatever happened to that Waugh chap?

Ball Six 3.50am – Why isn’t Marcus North bowling? He has the loop that Doherty lacks and has something a little different. If Clarke is incapacitated by his back, surely Katich is worth a try? Ponting has little to work with, but needs to show some imagination with what he has.


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  1. […] Second Ashes Test Day Two – The Final Over of the Day (via 99.94) Ball One 12.17am – In the midst of a manic start, Australia missed the chance of a run out when Xavier Doherty failed to hit the one stump of which he had sight. At point, Michael Clarke (I think) ran in towards the stumps and stopped – to back up the throw. Had he continued up to the stumps, he may well have col … Read More […]

  2. The only silver lining so far is that despite that duck, Adelaide is Ricky’s’favourite ground. Expecting a Ricky masterclass in the second inns. Still remember that 242 overshadowed by Rahul’s’brilliant 233 but nevertheless a masterpiece itself, though in a losing cause.
    Basically, i am looking for a ricky innings from that match and match result from the 551/6 match :)

  3. I’m not sure Punter is capable of that level of concentration anymore. And no-one else, maybe apart from Huss, is.

    • I’m with Lou. It would be a monumental effort from Punter to block everything from his mind and make a big score.

  4. Toots, you are implying in ball 4 that this is the best 11 Australia has to offer. Although I have to agree that it might be best to skip a generation. My partner is currently doing a degree in horticulture and they say there is no point pruning back most of the bush while leaving the odd good looking flower as it ultimately stuffs the structure of the bush. If is works for mother nature…

    As someone brought up on not just Australian dominance, but Australian fielding supremacy, it’s the dropped catches and missed run outs and generally being second best in the field which is wearing me down more than the teams best not being good enough.

    Sorry for the spelling – this pc doesn’t have a document spell checker

  5. Rain delay with the England score on 551 in Adelaide.

    What chance a declaration?

  6. Pietersen, no hundreds since the famous West Indies tour. I guess it is that tour that helps me stay hopefull that Australia will somehow prevail in this series, given the defensive tendancies of Strauss and Flower. This series was always going to come down to who could take their chances more. If Australia can come away from this with a draw then in the funny world of test match cricket, it might leave for Perth with the momentum. A lot to do before we get to that point, but I’d rather it was in the hands of the batters than the bowlers.
    PS how many days until Siddle’s next birthday?

  7. Of course one good thing about the rain is it obviates the need for sprinklers.

  8. Yes Lev, 551 dec would be fun, but I think England will want Katich to do a bit of fielding before the declaration.

    Jim – True about chances, but there’s something about confidence too. If England were to go to Perth at 0-0 with rain helping Aus get about 350-6, then England would be disappointed, but know they have the measure of the Australian bowlers. Aus would know that England don’t have the firepower to bowl them all out twice.

    Having said all that, the fielding and bowling make Aus look a bit broken and 350-6 might be beyond them.

  9. the important thing is that NSW can still win all 3 comps this year

    • Nonsense, the Warriors are deadset for the Ryobi.

  10. Re: Ball 3, I couldn’t help thinking the site of Shane Watson bowling to a firing Pietersen was as big a mismatch as you could find in international cricket.

    The mad thing is, compared to others, he got away with it really. He’s starting to remind me of Paul Harris, where you are watching and wondering ‘how is this guy not disappearing out of the park?’ But somehow they keep managing to get away with it.

    And yes, I can remember 89. I was actually there the first time England got Steve Waugh out in that series, think it was the 3rd test by then. It was about the only highlight of that particular miserable series from us poms point of view.

  11. Will just add here as off back home to the desert tomorrow Toots. But was thinking l wanted to share my first hand impressions for you. Might make more (or less) sense tomorrow when the head clears a little! Very impressed with England.

    1. Attended day 3 and 4 in Adelaide. Back at my hotel attempting to sober up for a plane back to the desert NT tomorrow. Didn;t make 99.94 but not far off an unbeaten 50 over last few days. Retiring hurt….

    2. Attended with a mate from Melbourne who copped a nasty lifter on Saturday in Melbourne. Skipper who sat through the hard 10-15 overs to start steering his side to victory. Then played forward to a ball that just exploded and broke his nose. Wasn’t deterred from a 6am start for Adelaide. Nothing more important amongst anything in cricket than spending a few days with a dear mate on the hill in Adelaide.

    3. KP was stunning in person, majestic, monstering the length. Disdain for Bollinger and er Doherty…… Cook looked like absolute class with his timing, as indeed does most of the top 6 in most respects. But KP has greatness in him. Maturely willed himself to slow down to reach the 200. Clean strength.

    4. Disappointed not to see more of Harris on Day 3 who l thought bowled well. Felt like a test match at least. (Watto).

    5. Day 4 just a superb day of cricket. Would have declared if l was Strauss as weather clearly imposing. Truly gutsy Kato, Watto very good, especially against Swann and as he slowly learnt to leave outside off against the quicks? But is he incapable of the occupation innings? Should he play 6? Very impressed from Clarke playing himself into form, class player who deserved to find his way back. Swann valiant/solid without being lethal, both Michaels played him extremely well. Jimmy disappointing, Finn a talent.

    6. Extremely impressed with the fielding of England, general demeanour, attitude and discipline. Very well drilled and talented side. Need to learn that ruthlessness, especially in their bowling, but have the hallmarks of an extremely good side. Very pleased to see them play the game the way they have. Will be a very well deserved win.

    7. Relations between supporters were excellent, despite media encouragement to the contrary. Very good natured and appreciative from both sides. England comfortably dominant in the collective singing but Australia holding the larrikin card strong (“Give Swann a bowl” exclaimed the wag late in the day). Rain brought dancing, laughter and positive interaction from both groups. The day of cricket was excellent, testing, proud and full of effort. The ground was gorgeous, the billiard table outfield that rolls up into the hill and the old scoreboard. A bar residing under the old scoreboard! You can top up in between deliveries. Smoke between overs. A gorgeous ground that resides larger than the game. Indeed the large Moreton Bay Figs still growing and sharing inside the ground unlike nearly everywhere else. A lunchtime read of CLR James reminding of the history, values, spirit and importance of our game. Doffs me cap to all….

  12. Interesting as ever, toots. The answer to the question in ball 6 is “Because Ponting can’t captain.”

  13. Picked from an Indian forum:
    Lesser souls are destroyed by a mild storm
    Ponting’s the sort a hurricane cannot harm
    Many test matches may be lost
    Aura may be slipping fast
    But not long before captain P comes back to form.

    Beware England, you haven’t won nothing yet. There is enough time in this series for Australia to regain the Ashes.

    A great player like Ponting will not have a humiliating exit – there might be slip-ups and storms, but they’ll weather it and go out on their own terms. For that reason alone, England shall lose this series.

  14. Well played England. It is as feared, the difference between the sides is that while both can get into winning positions, only one has the belief to deliver the result.

  15. Thanks for the comments – I’m tardy in responding as I am away on the shores of the Caspian Sea, but with thoughts in Adelaide!

    Dean – I think Watson gives the batsmen little to work with – no pace, no width, no half volleys. His is the only really disciplined bowling in the team just now. The parallels with 89 are beginning to mount up.

    Japal – A superb post that honours 99.94 and gladdens my heart. Watson is improving all the time with his judgement but his lack of conversion of 50s into 100s must worry him. Clarke is all about mindset – if his brain is there, the feet and bat follow. Ball 7 a delight Sir. I trust your journey home allowed you to push up to 99.94 if not quite reach it!

    gg – Yes. Ponting appears clueless at times in the field, but when you are toothless too, that’s sometimes and skipper’s lot.

    Jim – This England side is a rare combination for us. It might not last, but I’m lovin’ it just now.

    kam – Ponting is a champion, but with changes to come, he needs this side to fight back.

    M Hussey
    M Hussey

  16. Glad you are enjoying it Toots, so many of the English supports on other blogs/message boards seem to be forgetting that bit. To many fighting unknown causes and being spooked by shadows, when they should be spending the break between tests enjoying what was a totally dominate display.

  17. Yes Jim – enjoying the wins and not obsessing over defeats is the best way forward I feel. Even Aus don’t win forever – though they don’t lose at home often!

    • we’re making a habit of losing at home actually

  18. :-) @ 3 McGraths, 2 Husseys required by Ponting

    Isnt one Warne enough? Well as Bell, Cook and Pietersen have played, I think even a past-the-prime Warne could have had them for dinner in their current prime form.

    Ponting just needs one thing – his bat to fire. Obviously, he is the one class batsman in both teams put together – just that he is not firing. When he fires, he will easily cut free from all the opponent batsmen put together. That should take care of the batting with Watto, Clarke, Hussey more than chipping in.

    As for bowling, well, no easy solutions there – Maybe, they need to buy 2 McGrath masks and 2 Warne masks. I am sure that is enough – afterall, didnt Pietersen succumb just after a Warne Chicken nugget ad popped up on the sight screen?

  19. Ponting the one class batsman in both sides? The England XI at Adelaide have 80 Test tons between them. Hussey (in Aus) is class as is Clarke when fit and thinking straight.

    KP has played 10 Tests vs Warne averaging 53.5 (2 tons and 6 fifties) and dismissed by Warne just five times. Bell also out to Warne just five times in ten Tests. Cook once in five Tests.

    • I mean, who would you place in the class of Sachin and Lara? Only Ponting, no?
      Pietersen, Bell, Cool, Clarke – good as they are, can they even be mentioned in the same breath as SRT and BCL?

      • Setting the bar for the descriptor “class” as the three top run scorers in history is a little extreme I feel.

        Class batsmen in this series

        Hussey (in Aus)

        May become class batsmen


        • No disagreement. But what I meant was “a class apart”. It didnt come through well I guess.
          Interesting exercise. How does it look like for other teams

          India – Sri Lanka

          Sachin, Rahul, Lax, Sehwag, Gambhir- heck, the whole damn top order, I guess; Mahela, Sanga
          May become class – Raina, Pujara, Dhoni(?), Kohli(?)
          Never will become class – Vijay

          SA- WI

          Class – Kallis, Smith(?), Amla, deVilliers, Gayle(?), Shiv
          May become – Duminy, Barath, Who else?

          Internal Error
          Uh, who plays for Pakistan, these days?

          • Jesse Ryder may become class. Samaraweera is class at home.

  20. Off topic and to olden times, heard on radio national this morning about a bit of rediscovered footage of Victor Trumper being run out in 1910 vs South Africa at the SCG, youtube/blog here for those interested:

    • that footage of Trumper is great, pity he wasn’t batting

    • Super stuff Lev – I hope Katich has seen it!

      • Toots – Exactly what I was thinking when I saw it.

  21. Toots, Nesta, Australia is bringing in raw recruits but young they are not. 28 and 26 isn’t young – if you hadn’t got into the India team by then you never would. Can you explain where the 21 year olds are or where the 25 years olds who have five years 1st class experience are?

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