Posted by: nestaquin | December 18, 2010

That’s Not Poo on your Shoe Colly!

That's not poo on your shoe Colly just the awful stench of failure and defeat

Have you a better caption? If so, leave it in the comments.

If I like it I may even send you a prize from the Member’s Merchandise Store at Bellerive Oval.

It’s likely there will be signed prints of  Punter celebrating an Ashes Boxing Day century for sale in about a week’s time!

I’m sure even our English readers would love a copy! If not, a Tasmanian cap, T20 shirt, Member’s tie or a bristle from Boonie’s moustache would also fit easily in an A4 envelope.

Give it your best shot and Happy Xmas to all.

Image [Getty]


  1. Being a nightwatchman doesn’t mean you just watch from the other end, buddy.

  2. But the last five were short, why wasn’t that one?

  3. How am I supposed to be bottom-hand nuggety on a pitch that bounces?

  4. Colly a mere puppet as Aus pull strings in easy win.

  5. Colly attempts the Lara pull shot, but is a little late on the stroke.

  6. Harris can, Colly can can.

  7. I fart in your general direction. (Even though I’m not French).

  8. No need to touch my arse, Ryan.

  9. Fucking sandgropers!

  10. I want that Ponting melbourne century poster more than others!

  11. Fred, you’re not trying to suggest that Collingwood is out of his depth at this level of cricket are you?

    Did you not watch him in 2009 or last (English) summer against Pakistan, where he scored less runs than Pietersen and we all know who got dropped.

    I’m amazed that anybody can be so cynical as to question England’s motives for sending out our slip fielder and 5th bowler with a bat in his hand. The remarks on here would have you think people really believe thats what he is picked to do.

    I’m not going to criticize Colly, after all he completed his nightwatchman duties in protecting Jimmy Anderson.

  12. Can’t hit a cricket ball; can’t kick a bowler

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