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Third Ashes Test Day Three – The Final Over of the Day

A typically aggressive Australian yesterday

Ball One 4.30am – Is there a growing case for the return of local umpires? Hussey’s many years of batting at the WACA allows him to leave the ball on height with confidence and, by extension, call for the UDRS on the same evidence. With Hawkeye increasingly accepted within the game, home town umpires’ incompetence or bias (conscious or subconscious) would soon become clear and those issues addressed. Not only would this change to the umpires rostering get the best men for the conditions, it would also allow umpires to spend less time travelling – a major issue for men who at an age when an itinerant lifestyle is not an attractive option.

Ball Two 5.20am – Where is Swanny? All morning and now into the afternoon, England’s go to man has been left ungone to by Strauss who seldom needs a second invitation to whistle up his spinner. Many explanations could account for it – a minor injury for example – but it certainly isn’t the quality of the other options that is keeping Swanny away from the action.

Ball Three 5.33am – Smith survives a very tight UDRS LBW referral via the umpire’s “not out” and the extreme boundary of margin of error. Nevertheless, I believe that the right decision was made. If you can see two stumps as an umpire, it is very hard to give a man out LBW, as there must be doubt about the ball sliding down the leg-side. The UDRS rules and the field umpire’s decision combined to get a very close call go the way that does justice.

Ball Four 6.07am – Australia have much for which to thank their less than stellar young Shield batsmen, since if any of them had built a strong case for selection, Mike Hussey may well have made way for them in Brisbane. As they have done more often than not over time, Australia stuck with their man and Hussey has repaid that faith handsomely. If an evil scientist built a man to bat at Perth, he’d build Mike Hussey.

Ball Five 6.24am – Hussey, overdoing the aggression that has worked so well against Swanny in this match, calls Haddin through for a single that would have left the ‘keeper short by yards had Colly hit the stumps. Unsettled, Haddin was in no position to play Tremlett’s next delivery and was bowled off the inside-edge. Being aggressive in everything one does on a cricket field, is the Australian way, but it’s cost a lot of wickets in this series.

Ball Six 7.55am – If you want to assess England’s chances of chasing this target, history is a poor guide, as run chases seem much easier on 21st century pitches than on 2oth century strips. Cricketbetlive have England at 3.30 (or just over 4/1) to win the Test and retain The Ashes. I reckon they’re calling that just about right. Game on!

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  1. Am I right in thinking it is Ponting’s birthday on day 4? England couldn’t bring down his reign as captain on his birthday? Surely not

  2. Jim – If we did, and it’s a huge if, it would be less than the man deserves. And that’s been the case for a while now.

  3. Tooting, allow me some gloating, please!
    Jim – this is done and dusted now. You dont have to be apprehensive about tempting fate now.
    Ricky’s’getting a nice birthday gift – and that’s the revival of his career. England to fall unsuccesful in their pursuit of victory in the 3rd ashes test sometime in the next two days. I rather think destiny arranged it nicely towards Ponting’s’bdax so it must be tomorrow but we’ll settle for a deferred present by a day if it comes to that.
    That will give Ricky enough confidence to come back and hurt England in the last two tests in Syd and Mel.
    The ashes are coming to their rightful place soon. Rejoice!

    • Very early for that post kaminey.

      • Well, how about now? :-)

        • Still too soon to talk about The Ashes, though this match is Australia’s.

  4. The sweetest sweetest tale – me and a group of mates got on England to win the series at $3.20 for a decent sum. On Friday morning, just before MJ went ballistic, we received the following glorious ludicrous email from Sportsbet

    “Let’s face it… England has gone from strength to strength in their punishment of the Australian Cricket Team. England has been tormenting the Aussies in the media and on the field. Aussie selectors are up sh*t creek along with the players….no-one to select, can’t bat, can’t bowl, can’t field…and no credibility to even sledge! Unfortunately for Australian cricket fans the writing is on the wall and we can’t see the Aussies coming back from here… and we thought members may want to get in some Xmas shopping, so we figured we may as well Pay You Today for any single wagers on England to Retain the Ashes and England to Win the Ashes Series.Your payout has been credited to your Sportsbet account”.

    5 mins later MJ runs through England and we can whole-heartedly cheer on Australia to win the Ashes! Always sweet to put one over the ‘man’. Who we assume no longer works for Sportsbet!

    • japal – that’s superb! You should post it to your Facebook wall!

      Still in the balance here, but the scales well tilted towards Ricky’s boys.

      • We are very very very happy that is for sure! Couldn’t stop laughing/shouting as MJ got it coming back in.

        Be gutted to lose from here but there is plenty of class and form in this batting. Like another one today.

        IF IF etc it would make for a magnificent Boxing Day. A close draw and then a huge final test in Sydney (Swann) would be wonderful. Still very likely to see Eng head home to our urn overall.

        • Yes Japal – A win here and the MCG is huge and the SCG has the series result at the very least.

        • And off goes KP. You beauty.

    • That was amazing. Such timing! I read about that, but couldn’t believe that a betting agency would actually do it.

  5. kam and Japal – I think that’s it now though. Some poor shots played in this innings by England, match too.

    • Very good timing for us to play at the WACA that most Australian of wickets and environments.

      • Some big players had to stand up in the media glare and Watson, Johnson and Hussey have done so. Well played indeed.

  6. So we now have a trend. Can we pick guys born each day between Dec 26 and Dec 30 in the next one

  7. I’m genuinely surprised that anyone playing at this level for as long as James Anderson still doesn’t understand the role of the night watchman. He also cost them a win in the West Indies when he batted on slowly for ages into the next day when quick runs were needed to set WI a total and put em in.

    It’s simply a lack of knowledge of the game at a very basic level.

  8. Was he waiting at that end to take the last over?

    • As far as I can tell it was already clear it was the last over. The commentators were still sober enough to read the clock, so Anderson should have noticed it too. In any case it’s still a big call for the night watchman to overrule the No.5.

      • Its the night watchmans job to read the clock, and the overs.
        Anderson had just watched Collingwood getting worked over, including getting dumped on his backside by a bouncer, not surprising he hesitated for the single.
        Not only did Aus take the wicket, they also provoked an interesting conversation between Collingwood and Anderson later that evening.

  9. Well done Aus – another great comeback. All to play for now and I’d take 577-20 from Punter’s boys at the MCG and SCG if it’s offered!

  10. I’d take 577-20 from Australia, too. It’s enough for a historic series win for Ricky. This England batting has exhausted its quota of luck and good fortune, and so have Ponting, his batsmen and bowlers expended their quota of bad luck.
    Ricks will revive his battingexploits now, just as Sachin’s peak at 50 centuries leads to a trough. These great batsmen, i guess have a parallel narrative with one rising as the other falls.

  11. I suppose the big question is has the inswinger run back to the unidentifiable island that it normally lives on?

  12. Even if it has, the ENgland batsman have no way of knowing, do they?
    The doubts have been planted in their mind. And that’s enough to ace this series.
    Just a week back, Cook was being compared to Bradman :shock:. Things are back to normalcy now.

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