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Fourth Ashes Test Day Two – The Final Over of the Day

Ricky Ponting

Ball One 12.09am – Having batted so beautifully yesterday, both England openers fell early to indeterminate shots. Strauss made a sharply bouncing delivery from Siddle, look like an unplayable snorter by failing to get his feet moving at all. Getting started again has long been a problem for Strauss with little sign of its being solved.

Ball Two 12.51pm – Slow play in the first session, but that will suit England who need only to bat time to get themselves into a winning position. This series has been characterised by batsmen looking too much to the scoreboard and not enough to the clock and getting themselves out in endeavouring to get on top of the bowlers. Sometimes it pays to sit in the game and wait for the runs to come.

Ball Three 1.25pm – Steve Smith is being bullied in the way so many Australians have bullied England players for years. The Australian selectors are now reaping the benefits of sticking with Shane Watson for so long, but whether they can afford to treat Steve Smith as a project player within this generation is open to question.

Ball Four 2.38am – Captain Ponting is fielding at mid-on, saving his injured finger. Vice-Captain Clarke is in the covers, but seems unavailable to bowl as all the evidence suggests that he is the best spinner in this XI and he is yet to turn his arm over. Katich, another man who would present a spin threat, is likely to return at the SCG and will not bowl either. Selecting players less than fully fit used to be an English trait, much criticised by Aussies – rightly so.

Ball Five 2.45am – Dismal gamesmanship from Ponting, who uses a refused review to enter an argument with both umpires neither of whom can have anything to say, since the review was in the hands of the TV umpire. I believe such dissent is intended to upset umpires and opponents in periods when the game is going against the complainant – John McEnroe freely admitted such. There’s no place for it in cricket and Ponting may be suspended at the SCG (his final Test?) as a result. KP was out soon after, so the tactic may have worked. Indian fans will look particularly closely a how the match referee deals with the Australian captain.

Ball Six 3.30am – Thanks Colly, but I think that’s enough now.

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  1. Glad l saw little of what sounded like another difficult day! Even more disappointed to hear of the team, or its skipper, possibly being bad losers. Losing is ok but…….Was one of the things we had left to grasp on to. l hope Ricky comes to his senses and opens up with a big unfettered apology at least.

    Might get Khawaja in at last!

  2. It’s panto season at the ‘G.
    Now hiring for the part of Very Very Special, The Wall and Barji.

    • Perhaps we could get Trott to double up for us? Geez there are some flakes in that batting line up aren;t there. l can see Huss 300* but there would be no-one to go with him…

      • Time to move Siddle up the order

  3. Doubt Punter was responsible for Kipper’s demise, the ball jagged back a fair way and kept a little low. It would have knocked over most batsmen.

    What Ponting was going on about I’ve got no idea. It didn’t hit the bat, the umpire got it right, and the 3rd umpy confirmed it. Just silly.

    • Right on both counts Lev.

      • You are right in that fans in India would be monitoring the match referee’s response. If Ponting gets away by just tendering an apology, it will just set a bad precedent.

        • Yes Kumar – a fine is not a punishment to fit the crime. India’s fans will be rightly aggrieved.

          • Should have got a match. But it has nothing to do with him that he didn’t.

  4. Fined 40% of match fee. He got off lightly but no need to kick a man when he’s down. England should drop Colly immediately. Morgan needs ashes experience. Colly can’t complain, he got an OBE in 2005 for 7 runs.

    • Bush, I agree on Colly, but that was utterly disappointing from the senior captain in world cricket. No matter the circumstances, he should have missed a match. Stuart Broad’s histrionics are given a licence and that can’t be a good thing.

  5. Ponting is railing against the dying of the light. A great career is coming to an end. Maybe he should have resigned from the captaincy a little earlier. This is one of those classic cases of shouting at somebody because you can’t shout at the people you really should (selectors/teammates).
    But this test isn’t over yet.

    • Steve, I’m sure there’s a lot of that in it – though such feelings should be resisted once out of adolescence. I do think the Aus players were looking for any chance to slow the game down, they saw one and took it – going too far under the pressure they felt.

      • Not sure about the gamesmanship angle. He is a much simpler character than that. I think the injustice of a few weeks ago when a faint white line was not noticed on a referral still grates. To be honest, if you sat Ponting down, I bet he could tell you every single injustice forced upon Australia in his lifetime. His two problems are 1. He’s never been able to let these things go and 2. He has no peer on the field to pull him up or defer to.

        • Agree with Jim on him being a simpler character than that – he’s a true believer who holds on too tight. l don;t think it’s gamesmanship. l think he honestly cracks under the harshest of lights.

  6. I think ICC have let him off as SCG will probably be his last test as skipper.

    If he had got the sack while suspended it would have been a sad end as captain for such a great player, but thats not ICC’s problem.

    I really couldn’t understand his argument anyway. If he had seen it with his own eyes, (while it still would have been wrong) I could have slightly understood.

    I wonder what some of his teammates thought about it as well. They couldn’t have been too impressed either. The faces of some of them in the background while it was happening didn’t say to me that they agreed with him.

    • Dean – good point. Hilfenhaus, who has worries of his own, was not best pleased at being made to wait to bowl the next over. Not sure Watson was impressed either.

      • Picking up on the Hilfenhous point, imagine he had a tight LBW call in the next over. Could Ponting’s behaviour have influenced any potential decsion?

        It just wasn’t helpful in any shape or form.

  7. I heard a rumour that the English asked that Ponting only be given a fine as it would be detrimental to their persuit of a series win if he were to miss the match in Sydney forcing Australia to pick a new #3

    • Harsh, but funny!

      Do any Aussies fancy doing a swap for Colly? At least he can catch at the moment I suppose.

  8. You’re a hard man JimDavis.
    But I agree it wasn’t gamesmanship, just Ponting getting pissed off as he does from time to time. I don’t think he’s necessarily cracked either, just pissed off.

    Aus is finding it a bit hard to rebuild, given that the demolition job doesn’t seem to be complete. How low do they go before they start to turn it around? Is the descent over yet? They might yet bat out this test and win the next one, but I doubt it, it looks pretty terminal at the moment.

    Players have come in and performed well quickly in the past, so hopefully within a year or two they can perform consistently again.

    With SA getting rolled for 130, there just doesn’t seem to be a safe bet these days.

    • fred – the descent isn’t over, but let’s hope the dissent is.

      • When the descent and dissent is over, this will be a dis’ent memory and they’ll be decent again.

  9. Ricky oh Ricky! That was disgraceful :(
    I am totally kO-ed defending Ricky here in India. I think my friends are right – aus have lost the moral right to carp about bcci protecting bhajji in sydney. When broad and ponting enjoy such protection from ICC, supposedly a neutral observer, what’s’wrong in bcci doing it for its own player?
    As an aussie supporter in india, have no answer to that.shame on youu, ricky

    That said, you still have 3 inns to regain yor dignity and win the ashes for aus. If you focus, easy doozy for you. Please!

  10. The jackals are looming. The tide’s rising. Ricky’s’pushed to the corner. And today will be the day the streetfighter cocks a snook at critics with a timely reminder of his batting greatness. You read it here first :)

  11. Great stuff from Watto and Ricky so far. This match can be easily saved. Ricky, come onan out with your 40th 100. No better time for it!

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