Posted by: tootingtrumpet | January 23, 2011

Australia vs England Third ODI – The “Final” Over of the Day

A man very much at ease in the middle

Ball One 3.46am – Brett Lee’s form is such that Michael Clarke will want to play him in all seven matches, but pundits are already speculating on the wisdom of that workload prior to the World Cup. But how tough can it be, even at the age of 34, to bowl a maximum of 50 overs in three weeks? As with the injuries that are afflicting both sides, one has to wonder whether all the training drills and intense nets are worthwhile if players are so affected.

Ball Two 4.00am – In 2006-7 and 2009, the winners of The Ashes have not been able to raise their game for the ODI series that followed (in 2005, the ODIs were held prior to the Tests). England shouldn’t be tired, but, having been away from home since October and with the mountain conquered, they do look shot. Nothing speaks more of slowing minds than comedy run-outs and they don’t come much more comic than that which dismissed England’s captain.

Ball Three 4.30am – Paul “Pistol” Reiffel was a fine player who averaged 27 in Tests with both bat and ball. Like so many of his contemporaries, he did not get the appearances his talent deserved – he could triple his 35 Tests if he was age 27 as well. These days, he brings the same clarity of thought and purpose of his playing days to his role as umpire. He doesn’t miss much – except the camera, in which he appears pleasingly uninterested. Let’s hope he stands in a lot more Tests than he played.

Ball Four 5.10am – In form, Eoin Morgan is a jack-in-the-box, popping up with shots you don’t see from England players and a serene confidence that “everything is going to be all right”. Before his scratchy 30 today, he had just 92 runs on tour from, well, too few matches. Given the scheduling of tours these days, it is hard to come into a side and face bowlers fresh from domestic cricket. Another reason for a shadow ODI XI which could play eight or so  low- key limited overs matches while the last couple of Tests are underway.

Ball Five 5.21am – I’m not entirely sure that Colly was looking at either of the two deliveries he faced. Never mind the feet, the eyes have to see the ball first, and I don’t think they did. To say he is out of form is charitable – his technique has disintegrated.

Ball Six 5.30am – What must Mitchell Johnson, Peter Siddle and Ben Hilfenhaus think? After four scores of 500+ in Test cricket, five of that top seven are playing in this match (and in the previous two) and they look unlikely to make 500 in series as a whole. It’s a different game with the pyjamas on, but it’s not that different!

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  1. Two mediocre teams. Colly looks a mess, a real mess.

    I like Johnson out of the Aus ODI team. Looks cleaner somehow.

  2. Kerry O’keefe made me laugh with his contempt for Yardy on the radio today. Quite right too, I could accept being put to the sword by KP, but getting ground down by the likes of Trott and Yardy is cruel and unusual.
    3-0 is good, but it’s the second string ENG bowling attack. Clarke needs to stand up soon.

  3. fred – Trott is an outstanding batsman who just needed a couple of others to stay with him for England to post a competitive, if not winning, score. He must be very tired having batted under pressure for a long time this season.

    Yardy is no stylist, but varies pace and angle well and demands that batsmen play well to get him away. He has a World T20 title – not much, but not nothing either.

  4. Harsh but accurate comment on Colly, toots. The fact that he and Wright are both in the WC squad clearly diminishes England’s chances.

  5. In 2006/07 didn’t Australia hammer England in all ODI game except the two finals, back when it was a 3 team comp?
    Good to see Rieffel got the vast majority of his decisions right. I wonder how many referral rejections it will take for players to accept his LBW decisions.
    If there is one thing URDS has proven for me it is that Brad Haddin is no cheat. All those times he would appeal when it was obvious on TV that it was not out. His use of UDRS over the summer proves that he honestly has no clue. Both behind and in front of the stumps.

    • Jim – possibly right, but England came away with the trophy!

      I learned a lot about how much players know when Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene discussed an LBW review call, then called it only for the TV to show a fat inside edge on to the pad. If they can’t get the calls right, who can?

      • While it may not have done anything to restore my faith in the ability of the umpires, at least it has gone some way to restoring my faith in the honesty of the players. Which cannot be a bad thing.

        • Me too Jim. I’m still in a tiny minority that believes that players really don’t know if catches have carried (most of the time, anyway).

          • Ha – Haddin doesn’t even know when his gloves are behind the stumps!

          • Wow. I didn’t know anyone thought that. I reckon I’d be lucky to see one catch/non-catch a year where the fielder doesn’t know whether he’s caught it or not. “I’m not sure if I caught that so I’ll ask for a replay” doesn’t count – the ball didn’t carry.

            • When I played, especially on dewy grass and moved forward to catch the ball, my head would turn and eyes would close and ball, grass and water would be scooped up together. Didn’t happen often, but I remember it being all blurred physically as much as visually,

              • Not much grass scooped to be fair, but there was the feeling of bits of it.

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