Posted by: tootingtrumpet | February 12, 2011

The Strauss Tapes – Part XXXVI

KP sees England's schedule for 2011-12.


Great to see you all again lads… No really, it is. I hope you all had a nice break at home and that none of the midwives round your way have any holidays booked for next November eh? (Whispering.. I think Belly wasn’t laughing… give him Andrew Wingfield-Digby’s number will you Colly).

Right lads you know why we’re here at Heathrow in this meeting room – it’s the biggest challenge for us since, well, since we were last in this room in October probably, but let’s have none of that leaked to the Press. It’s the World Cup… just think of what that means… the history, the tradition, the glory… Booby Moore… Nobby’s dancing… Jules Rimet still gleaming and all that. Stuart – explain to KP will you?

The tournament starts now gentlemen… so I want to see positive thoughts and body language and none of this “Done the elephants, done the poverty, where’s the IPL cheerleaders” stuff. Remember security will be very tight – it’ll be intrusive and you won’t like it, but it’s there for your own safety. There are single-minded, fanatical individuals in this part of the world, with links to ruthless international networks, who won’t think twice about destroying you with explosive packages if they can get close enough. And there’s a terrorism threat too.

Anyway, if we’re going to win this World Cup we’re all going to have to play a blinder from start to finish, especially you… not you KP, Ben behind you. The physio…




  1. How big a loss do you reckon Morgan is, toots?

  2. Morgan is not as big a loss as he would have been 6 months ago. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and in hindsight they should have left him back in the UK to prepare for the world cup instead of sticking him on a 3 months packaged holiday around Australia. By the time he was asked to make a meaningful contribution on tour, he looked all over the shop.

  3. I agree with JimDavis!

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  4. I agree with JimDavis too, but I’m wondering what a proper England supporter, as opposed to an Irishman, might think. I do think that a combination of selectorial blunders and injuries have had a very negative effect on England’s chances.

    • LOL – I’m just an Aussie living in Dublin for way too long.

  5. And I’m a Dub in exile in Limerick. A strange world.

  6. Good day to you gentlemen. Morgan is a big loss for England. In form, in his position, he may have been the best batsman in the world, with a rare ability to make hundreds and finish (even rarer for England). How big a loss remains to be seen as some average performances backed up by three good ones will lift the WC. And ODIs still suffer from being decided by two or three men from the XI. Whose two or three men deliver and when will determine this open WC.

    • Not just directed at you Toots but every second sentence of English previews l have seen across different media bemoan the loss of Morgan as seemingly impossible to overcome and if only etc etc. It is a significant loss but l think it is being exaggerated or overblown. He looks a huge talent obviously, recent form notwithstanding, but many sides have injuries to key players. Australia losing the great/proven Hussey for example….

      • Indeed Japal. The big difference is that it’s possible to see Aus winning without Hussey, but it’s pretty much impossible to see England winning without Morgan. We get very few players with his ability and now he isn’t playing. He is proven in international cricket as he was a key member of the winning World T20 team.

  7. Yes, Japaljarri, Hussey is a much bigger loss, the key word being “proven”; one thing Morgan isn’t.

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