Posted by: tootingtrumpet | March 8, 2011

New Zealand vs Pakistan – The Final Over of the Day

Adnan and Umar in a photo so shaky it was probably taken by Kamran

Ball One – Shoaib Akhtar opens the match with a huge no ball – which is not called. Two balls later, he bowls another no ball just as big. Then he bowls McCullum. Box office as usual for the Rawalpindi Excess, but television chose not to show us the delivery from side-on. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one thinking that the no ball was worth checking – and television’s reluctance to do so only fuels suspicion. Now a no ball is called and television shows that it isn’t. Ho Hum.

Ball Two – Jamie How makes 4 from 29 balls – less a matter of Jamie How and more a matter of Jamie Why?

Ball Three – Three Akmal brothers (Umar, Adnan and Kamran) have kept for Pakistan in recent months – how Kamran is the one chosen for the World Cup is hard to fathom. Jimmy Ormond would appreciate the irony.

Ball Four – Kamran Akmal should stand in his wicketkeeping kit while Shahid Afridi and he re-enact this scene.

Ball Five – I am indebted to!/_MadDanEccles_ for pointing out that Shahid Afridi is the modern day Chris Harris – medium pace darts that grip in the pitch and are hard to get away. The comparison breaks down a little, as Afridi has a lot more tricks than Harris, but he is becoming a rich man’s David Hussey. (As it happens, he is bowling now to one of New Zealand’s davidhusseys – Nathan McCullum).

Ball Six – Ross Taylor goes bananas hitting Shoaib Akhtar all round the ground. With batting all the way to 11 (if you count Numbers 3 and 5 as batsmen), surely the assault came unduly late. Until the 44th over, New Zealand had not had a set of five overs in which they had scored at a rate of five an over. Since then, the overs have yielded 8, 14, 8, 15, 28, 30 and 19. I guess it’s hard to be critical after that!

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  1. England must be gutted that Pakistan didn’t save the last 10 overs of their bowling and first 10 overs of their batting for the quarter finals.

    When thinking of the World cup, I do live in constant fear that what was dished out to Akhtar and friends at the end there will also be dished out to Tait and co.

  2. I think I jinxed Pakistan yesterday, calling them the hottest so far.

    But what a brutal onslaught ! :)

    And at 78/6, this may be beyond even Abdul Razzak.

  3. This result should make it easier for Oz to finish second in the group as SL have a much superior NNR, so we get one free shot at playing in Colombo. Win it and it’s a quarter final in Mirpur and a semi back in Colombo. Lose and it’s Ahmedabad and then Mohali. Personally I’d rather finish second and take the latter route.

  4. Vettori never bowled and New Zealand won comfortably. Even though they were playing Pakistan that’s impressive. I noticed Toots wrote the Kiwis off a few days back but they usually perform well in tournament cricket and perhaps a semi-final is not out of the question.

    If Australia beat Pakistan they’ll top the group undefeated. Run-rates won’t be part of the equation.

    • Yes, my writing off NZ doesn’t look so good now!

    • But as grand as the undefeated run is, I’d rather make it Mumbai. Given the grounds involved, for Australia, finishing second looks an easier route than to finish first.

  5. It just takes an onslaught from one or two batsmen and just about any of 8 or so teams can win. One day cricket is morphing into T20 cricket.

  6. Just watched Akmal’s two non-catches. He should have earned enough from all these shenanigans to retire by now shouldn’t he?

    The ICC should force Pakistan to accept neutral selectors.

    • So should Australia!

      • LOL

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