Posted by: tootingtrumpet | March 18, 2011

West Indies vs England – The Final Over of the Day

He's enjoying St Patrick's Day more than the cricket

Ball One – Andrew Strauss’ decision to bat first speaks of the confidence, or desperation, of a man who knows he must lead from the front to raise his beleaguered troops for a vital battle. He did so, but, just as the agenda was set, he was out to a fine bouncer from Andre Russell.

Ball Two – England’s middle order look a bit short of concentration and class – Trott and Bell look weary in the mind and Morgan and Bopara are consistent only in their inconsistency. The England squad just aren’t right for one reason or another.

Ball Three – Does any team block as many half volleys as England? Although England need to consolidate, is there ever a time when a half volley should be met with a defensive bat? Ask an Australian.

Ball Four – On narrow margins are games won and lost. In the first over, Devon Smith slashes Bresnan through gully who… is on the boundary, sweeping. Surely, with two lefties at the crease, gully is in play from the right- arm seamer – but Strauss did not post one, even in the first over.

Ball Five – As Chris Gayle does the Chris Gayle thing, Strauss cycles through his bowling options in order to stop the onslaught. Hats off to Strauss, Tredwell and Flower for making the right call on and off the field. An hour more of Gayle and England would have been on the plane home, but Tredwell did the job.

Ball Six – Darren Sammy also does the Chris Gayle thing, but is a slogger rather than a hitter. It’s old-fashioned, ugly and, occasionally, effective. He probably can’t bat for an hour, but 45 minutes would damage England’s chances significantly.

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  1. Yes, yes, indeed. I sat there thinking what an extraordinary number of half-volleys were just being dead-batted. Peculiar.

  2. Well bugger me, you can criticise England for so many things but they’re certainly never boring. Just think how dull this tournament would have been without us..

  3. Ok..we still do not know who will make the QF from Group B, along with SA.

    If Bangladesh beat SA, India will know just how many runs they need in the match against WI, to edge England out on NRR, in case they (India) lose to the WI.

    If SA beats Bangladesh, then BA are out, and the other 3 squeeze through.

    So, Eng would hope for SA, and Ind to win their final matches, so that they come 3rd in the group and possibly meet the Kiwis in the QF.

    Technology in today’s match: Not sure, but I would have liked a closer look at Strauss’ low catch to dismiss Bravo. Regarding Trott’s claim of not touching the rope, the replays should have been a little closer too, to prove it conclusively, one way or the other.

    • India are through. their NRR is about 200 runs better than England’s.
      The real issue is will Bangladesh make it or not.

  4. In the end, kudos to Strauss and England! Terrific captaincy to have a short leg for a set batsman like Sarwan. And it’s good for the tournament that England won.

    England should be through. I don’t see the Bangladeshi batsmen being able to put enough on the board against a powerful Proteas attack. (Hope I’m not jinxing Smith’s boys!)

  5. England eh? Never dull!

  6. Now, with Sri Lanka whipping New Zealand, Australia can only finish 1st or 3rd in the group. This means that to win this world cup will require wins on the super spin friendly wickets of Mirpur then Colombo and then Mumbai – with a full blooded pace attack and not much else. No wonder Ponting is not amused.

    Actually, that is not totally true – Beat Pakistan and Australia will have the best record in the tournament. (If Pakistan win, that honour will most likely go to South Africa). The significance of finishing with the best record means, and could be crucial in Colombo where storms are expected on Saturday and beyond, if it’s a wash out and a one over eliminator cannot be bowled, then the team with the best record will go through.

    On a lighter note – a one over eliminator or a total wash out? Two methods South Africa have so far not managed to use to get knocked out of a world cup.

  7. England look like champions. Toots, you know who called it here first!
    Ricky, do something. We can’t have England with the T20 WC, ODI WC, Ashes all at the same time. Ricky, onlÝ you can stop this from happening. Please!

  8. you know in this match australia did awesome better than what we expected!

  9. you know in this match england did awesome better than what we expected!

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