Posted by: tootingtrumpet | April 9, 2011

Surrey vs Northamptonshire – The Final Over of the Day

Sarf Larnden innit?

Ball One – It’s hard to believe, but the first day of the County Championship has been greeted not just by warm sun, but a decent crowd, at least at The Oval. What will the journos write about now they can’t wheel out the cliches about one man and a dog and the irrelevance of domestic cricket?

Ball Two – When did players start to cut the ball off the front foot? I don’t remember such distinguished cutters as Gordon Greenidge and er… Harry Pilling playing the shot, so it’s tempting to think it’s an innovation entering the First Class game from Twenty20.

Ball Three – Sign, or rather, signs of the times as The Oval reveals its evocative picket fences ringing the boundary. But as the aesthetic appeal rises, so too do the financial worries, since the fences are visible only because advertising space remains unsold. And if Surrey can’ t sell the space, one worries for Derbyshire and Worcestershire.

Ball Four – Surrey have a number of young cricketers of real potential on their books including Jason Roy, a hard-hitting young batsman who has cut his teeth in Twenty20 cricket, but also played some of the er… real stuff. Perhaps one could forgive Surrey for playing Mark Ramprakash ahead of Roy, but Zander de Bruin?

Ball Five – Andrew Hall and Chaminda Vaas bowling in partnership bring plenty of experience, but not a lot of spectacle to the game. Both are bowling within each themselves, wobbling the ball around, looking for a bit of juice on a early season, but still biscuit coloured pitch.

Ball Six – It wouldn’t be Surrey without a comedy run out and one arrived soon after lunch seeing off a promising knock from Steven Davies. I’ve always been sceptical about the value of nets, because the game in the middle is rather different. There might be a few mix-ups in April, but I’m banking on Surrey repeating the trick come mid-season.

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  1. I was watching Maurice Chambers bowl with good control, and bowl with very good pace. Essex might have slumped to 49-6 in reply to Kent’s 247 all out, but the half-full Chelmsfort crowd( saw a cracking day’s first-class cricket.

    • It’s not bad, the old County Championship is it?

  2. One would not and could not field Jason Roy ahead of Mark Ramprakash if he were fit. He has a knee injury.

    • Thanks Patricia. Provision of information at the ground is still poor. Wouldn’t hurt to flash up team news on to the scoreboard from time to time. I hope to see Roy again soon.

  3. Bradman said a couple of interesting things about cutting off the front foot in the “Art of Cricket”, but not what you might think:

    Let me deal with first with the cut off the front foot, which is the more beautiful and powerful but unfortunately seldom seen. With the modern emphasis on the perpendicular bat and what I might term the forward defensive lunge, few batsmen are prepared for the square cut off the front foot. It requires a very bad length ball for one to have the time to judge the shot and really go into it with full power.

    The first modern exception to the rule I can recall is Lehmann, although Slater would chase anything wide, and I recall him cutting good length but wide balls from his knees if that meant he could flash at it.

    • Great quote Russ – I tend to agree. I my mind’s eye, I see Slater cutting off the back foot or, like Punter, from a neutral position, weight balanced across both feet. Lehmann played a few shots didn’t he, so no surprise there.

  4. County cricket is struggling for it’s survival in this age of T20 and IPL.

    • County cricket has always struggled to survive and always will. It’s doing okay.

      • I think it will be a very good competition this year. Last year’s last day was a ripper. I don’t expect that again but I think the field is open.

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