Posted by: tootingtrumpet | April 24, 2011

Delhi Daredevils vs Kings XI Punjab – The Final Over of the Day

He used to win awards you know

Ball One – Opening for the Daredevils, Virender Sehwag and David Warner appear mirror images of each other. Neither move their feet much, both using fantastic hand-eye coordination and strength to smash boundaries all round the ground. The similarities stop there of course, with Sehwag having played 12 times as many Tests as Warner has played First Class matches. When Australia had a wealth of orthodox batsmen, such exclusion was understandable, but with Phil Hughes and Steven Smith batting in the Australian Test top six, surely Warner’s brand of aggression is worth pursuing. Cricket Australia could do a lot worse than sponsor him to play for an English county this summer and work out a defensive game to complement the hitting.

Ball Two – Warner looks like a middleweight boxer and, like a fighter in the tenth round, he looked a bit punched out by the time he lifted one to heavyweight Ryan Harris. With so much cricket in India, one can forget how tough conditions are for batsmen running singles, looking for twos and smashing boundaries. As in so much sport and life – fitness matters.

Ball Three – Gilly is, it goes without saying, a legend of the game and appears impervious to the ageing process. But with Dinesh Karthik in his team, why not give him the gloves and take it a little easier in the outer? Especially when he knows he has to open come the Kings XI’s dig.

Ball Four – Rudi Koertzen is  a personable chap, as evidenced in an interview conducted when standing at square leg. However, he’s not known as Random Rudi for nothing. With two free hits called on Morne Morkel – one wrong, one probably wrong – it’s time to have all no ball calls in the hands, or rather on the mic, of the TV umpire.

Ball Five – Irfan Pathan is still a good looking man, is paid mega-bucks for playing cricket and still has plenty of the charisma the advertising boys value, so should a fat, middle-aged man with a cheap netbook feel sorry for him? Of course not. On the other hand, pre-Greg Chappell, Pathan jnr had the world at his feet and now…

Ball Six – During the World Cup, Ajit Agarkar was a pundit in Sky’s UK studio. His comments were hardly incisive – but they were more incisive than his bowling. He’s on the Honours Board at Lord’s you know – but not for his bowling.

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  1. Why have Warner when you could have Shaun Marsh?

  2. Shaun Marsh has had a go in ODIs hasn’t he? But – why not both?

  3. What a lovely match it was. Kings last three overs of your bowling cost you the game I believe. Marshy played superbly. Felt bad not to see contribution from Dinesh Karthik.
    Anyways, Keep roaring Lions and I just love Kings XI Punjab Team Jersey

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