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Chennai Super Kings vs Pune Warriors India – The Final Over of the Day

Home of the warriors of Poona seventy years ago.

Ball One – Jerome Taylor may not be fit for the West Indies’ match over in St Lucia, but he’s fit enough for the Pune Warriors. Like Chris Gayle and Keiron Pollard, he’s surely good enough to be in the West Indies best XI for ODI cricket, but fitness issues over a whole ODI series, protection from burnout and the desire to blood new players will increasingly play a part in national team selection. Having said that, England fans would not be sanguine about Strauss, Broad and Tremlett playing IPL cricket while a home ODI series is underway.

Ball Two – On this day exactly ten years ago, Mike Hussey was playing for Northamptonshire at Chelmsford in a drawn match against Essex. About to turn 26, he was still two and a half years away from getting his chance in international cricket. Like all Australians, Hussey would have been backing his ability all those years ago, but I doubt that he would have predicted what would happen to him or what would happen to the game in the ten years to come.

Ball Three – Suresh Raina is a talent, but can he forge an international career with a clear weakness against the short ball and a temperament that can lead to impulsive shots – like the one to which he surrendered his wicket? Perhaps one flaw can be managed but, given the competition for places in the Indian upper order, two flaws might be one too many.

Ball Four – After MS Dhoni has hit you for two consecutive fours and with the charge well and truly on, it takes some cojones to toss up a leg-break. But that’s what Rahul Sharma did, and he was rewarded with a stumping he’ll be telling the grandchildren about, with the added bonus of a couple more dot balls to new batsman Albie Morkel. At well over six foot, Sharma gets the bounce all leg-spinners need and, at 24, has time to learn his skill. Expect to see him join Ashwin in the queue behind Harbhajan for a slot in the ODI side.

Ball Five – Like Darren Bravo, Jesse Ryder has the potential to be a great of the game. Bravo is elegant and classical, where Ryder is more of a muscle batsman – a squatter Chris Gayle if you will. Both young lefties are finding ways to get out and need to work on a defensive game to complement as full a repertoire of attacking strokes as possessed by anyone in the game. When exactly they will have chance to do so is not clear – cricket’s treadmill doesn’t pause very often.

Ball Six – There’s analysis been done in the US on quantifying the advantage that accrues to the home team across a range of sports. In cricket, home teams usually know conditions better and sometimes have more opportunities to practise on or near the square. But in the IPL, those advantages are minimal at most. What is not minimal in any sense is the atmosphere created by the crowd’s voluble support. Should it get to experienced players? Probably not – but I bet it does.

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  1. I am in full agreement re: Raina. He’s just another flat-track bully from the sub-continent. I would like to see more of Rohit Sharma (now that he’s been dropped for a while, he looks a little more consistent), Pujara and Menaria in the Indian ODI batting setup.

    … and I’m told that the ground is not even half-full.

    • Looked more than half-full on the telly, but they are good at that sort of thing. Re Rohit Sharma, I agree and maybe we could add Badrinath to your suggestions.

      • Rohit Sharma always looks a superstar in the IPL, it is one of his most frustrating qualities.

        I think Ryder and Bravo are just part of the modern disease. They play a lot of short form cricket and so have little patience.

        I can’t tell you how depressing it is to see Mitchell Marsh over there. He will be ruined for long format cricket by the time he is 22. I was hoping his Dad would bench him all season. I honestly thought, maybe more hoped, that’s why he bid for him.

        • Working on patience is required, but it shouldn’t be impossible. Going the other way is surely more difficult.

  2. Good call on Rahul Sharma, Toots. This is the first time I am noticing him, and I hope he matures in the next 3-4 years. Frankly, I am tired of Harbhajan’s monotony, and would welcome a leg spinner in the Indian test XI.But Bhaji may hang around till he is pushed out by the next captain.

    • Perhaps Bhaji will make a space in either the ODI or T20 teams – maybe even the Test XI once he goes past Kapil.

    • Bhajji is out of form but the new breed in the form of R Ashwin(who has perfected to carrom ball, sort of an arm ball), Pragyan Ojha and Piyush Chawla will surely make a difference in times to come. The series against England and the West Indies will be their time to shine.

  3. The point of home ground advantage could probably be spread across a whole over in the case of Rajasthan. Last time I saw a pitch that ugly was in the back yard at gran’s house in the middle of a drought. There is a very suspicious change of colour just where Warne happens to land the ball.

    • Warne’s colour is certainly suspicious – he looks like he’s made of plastic!

      There’s always a bit of pitch doctoring going on – the secret is not to be too obvious!

  4. I like Rohit Sharma & Raina both. They are such a fine player.
    Not to forget a star rising up to compete these players from Kings XI Punjab Volcano Valthaty. KXIP Team Jersey will show its color this time around.

    • The Volcano Valthaty is a one time wonder who has been exposed many a times with the short ball. Moreover, his shot selections in the last few matches have been absurd to say the least.

  5. The Pune Warriors had a weak bowling attack and could have done a much better job in the field. But they concentrated more on their batting which was anyways strong with the likes of Ryder and Yuvraj.

  6. T20 is always a great show.but this match fixing always frustrates us.As CLT20 2013 is scheduled hope Rahul dravid captaines Rajasthan Royals will get the champions titile as he retires from IPL after this CLT20.

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